Katpaw's arrival in Paragon City




Real Name: Katelin Tapenes
Age: 22
Origin: From Rubi-Ka in the year 29477
Powers: Martial Artist with Super Reflexes
Katelin’s mother was bred by the Omni-Tek corporation in the distant future to act as a courier in their mining operations on the remote planet of Rubi-Ka. Her mom taught her the basics of fighting without weapons as a way to defend herself in the rough and tumble mining colonies. In 29476, scientists discovered a “pocket” dimension, they called the Shadowlands. Katelin was drawn to sense of adventure and discovery that came with exploring this new land.

One day, after pushing back the creatures known as Hecklers which threatened to destroy the fractured Shadowlands, Katelin was ready to return home to Rubi-Ka. She stepped off the edge of the Shadowlands territory known as Scheol, expecting to be folded back in space near her home on Rubi-Ka.

Instead, she landed in Paragon City. She only had a moment to try to come to grips with her new surroundings before she was forced to duck a blast from a Rikti rifle. It seemed that she’d dropped into the middle of an invasion. A quick glance around showed that the alien invaders were fighting human defenders. While she was unfamiliar with where (or when) she was, this sort of thing was VERY familiar to her. Katelin jumped right in.

27,000 years of evolution, some genetic manipulation, and martial arts training made Katelin a hero in this world. After she helped with the defense of Paragon City, Katelin learned of her travel through time and space. Being a fairly practical minded girl, she’s decided to stay and make the best of her new surroundings.

One day, though, she hopes to find someone who can explain how she came to be here and why.