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What follows is the origin of my main character in every major game I have played. Everyone of them, while being in different genres all have the same basic reason for who they are to keep them true to the name. I appologize for the long beginning, but I felt it needed a good background to understand what the characters went through to get where they are.


*beep*. . .*beep*. . .*beep*. . .

“Cain! Christopher! Your alarm has been going off for five minutes now, don’t you think it is time to get up?” A woman’s voice pierced through the sleepy haze of young dreams. “You two better not be late again!” she yelled.

An arm snakes out from under the rumpled covers and taps the alarm multiple times to turn it off. With the bright Saturday sun shining through the window the arm shot back under the covers as if it would harm the person from its exposure.

“BOYS!” cried their mother. Sounds of dishes clinking together was a sure sign that breakfast was being made ready.

“I’m up mom. . .” a sluggish voice mumbles from under a pillow. “Hey. . . Cain. . . get up man, it’s time to go to practice.” Christopher mumbles as he throws the covers to the floor and steps out of bed, sleep still covering his eyes with a glaze. Standing at six feet tall Christopher was as tall as his father had been. And while still only 17 and young, his football practice had begun to fill out his skinny frame to something that would resemble the man he would grow into. With his short military cropped hair cut he looked a little older, like his father did when he went to work at Celitec Labs.

His younger brother Cain was nearly as tall, just broader of shoulder and his long hair always seemed on the verge of dancing to its own tune in the wind. They were both of similar tanned skin and an odd form of hazel eyes that seemed to change color with their moods. Where Christopher had dark hair similar to his fathers, Cain had the long flowing blond hair of his mothers.

A pillow sailed a short flight across the room to land on Cain as he attempted to go back to sleep. He jumped to a sitting position wild eyed and unsure of what awoke him. “Huh? What? I. . . hey Chris, what the hell did you do that for?” Cain said with a sleepy slurred speech.

“Its time to get up man. Mom will not be happy if we are late for football practice two weeks in a row.” He emphasized this by ripping Cain’s covers from his bed as he tried to slip back under. Giving up, Cain seemed to pour himself off his bed, standing up on unsteady legs as if learning to walk again.

“Wow I feel funny today Chris. I don’t think I’m going to go to practice today man, I feel sick.” Cain stated as he stumbled to the bathroom. Nausea nearly overtaking him. “Your not taking a shower?”

“Na, just to get all dirty again at practice? I’ll wait until we get back. Unlike you I don’t need a shower to wake up.” emphasizing this with a dirty shirt thrown at his brother's back as he retreated into the bathroom they shared.

“You shouldn’t have come in late last night then. You know. Mom will flip when she finds out you snuck out last night to go to the lake with your buddies and what’s-her-name.” Christopher stated while throwing a tee shirt over his head.

“You mean if she finds out, and if she does you forget I keep you protected in that pocket of yours on the field. I may forget who to block.” Cain declared as he hopped in the shower to wake up. Christopher couldn’t see his brothers face from their bedroom, but he heard the sarcasm in his voice. He also heard the unspoken, ‘I’ll do it to!’ that lingered on in the silence.

“Besides, you simpleton, her name is Julia not what’s-her-name. And you with you 4.0 grade average.” The rest of his comment was garbled under the water as he stuck his head under the shower head.

Christopher and Cain were typical of twin brothers. They fought, they argued, and they beat on each other every chance that they could get. But when it came down to it, they were inseparable. They always claimed to be able to tell the other’s mood just by thinking about it. Being twins, everyone had always thought that was a natural thing to happen. They would never let anyone else threaten or harass the other, saying only they could do it because it was family.

The boys finally made it to breakfast with their mother, after arguing who was going to drive to practice. Cain won only because he physically tore the keys from his brother’s hands as they wrestled into the hallway.

“You two boys will be sleeping outside if you don’t stop that horse playing in the house. Save it for practice!” even though her voice was sharp her tone was loving and her true feelings were shown on her face as it lit up with a smile as the two boys entered the kitchen. “Now, do you two think you can leave each other alone long enough to eat? I made you both bacon and eggs, don’t fill up though I don’t want you to get sick at the field.”

It was a typical morning breakfast in the Alexander house. There was laughter, and jokes, and even a little thrown food when mom wasn’t looking. All in all, it was a good morning.



It had been only the three of them for the past 3 years, their father having passed away in an accident at his job. The events were unclear and the answers given were questionable, but Lori Alexander didn’t question to long or hard about what had happened to her husband. She knew in his line of work things sometimes happened and she knew that it was inevitable if he stayed there.

Dr. Jonathan Alexander was a civilian hired out by the military to handle certain projects that were to be done out of house. All he ever told his wife is he worked with different forms of radiation and chemicals. When her boys were born she was worried that something may happen to them because of the exposure that he received, but the boys were healthy and still growing today, much to her discomfort of having to by clothes ever month.

On October 18, 1998 bad news came knocking at the Alexander home. A driver from the labs where Jon worked at drove to the house and woke up the family at 11:00pm.

Cain, never needing a reason to be awake when he shouldn’t, rushed to answer the door bell that rang with a certain finality through the darkened house. His brother at the top of the stairs with their mom following sleepily behind.

“Yes? Can I help you!” Cain said with a harshness he thought was convincing for his age of fifteen.

“I need to speak with your mother son. Is Mrs. Alexander in please? It’s important.” The nervousness was apparent in his voice and his shuffling feet belied and type of comfort he was trying to appear to have.

“Well, she is asleep so. . .” He was cut off by his mothers gentle hand. He turned to look at her and he saw something he had never seen before in his mother. Doubt!

“Yes sir? May I help you?” Her voice wavered a little but she held strong fearing the news that she knew was coming. She then noticed for the first time a police cruiser parked in her driveway along side a corporate car similar to what her husband would drive to work. The officer was outside his car, but he was staying back away from the two talking.

“There has been an accident at the lab. Your husband. . . Jon. . .” A tear came to the mans eye as he stumbled over the words. “Mrs. Alexander. . .”

She knew what was coming before he said it. She put her hand to her mouth to hold back the sound that refused to come to her.

“Mrs. Alexander, your husband has been in an accident. He was working on a project dealing with a new fuel source and. . . there was an explosion. . . he ah. . . he ah didn’t make it. The damage to the part of the lab that he was in has collapsed a section of the building and we are having trouble getting to him.” He seemed to gain a little strength by getting it out finally but he still seems ill and on the verge of being sick himself.

Cain saw that his mother was in a state of shock so he ushered her to a nearby chair so she could sit before she fell.

They never found Jon’s body when they cleared the debris from the lab, but then again that section of the lab was leveled beyond searching it with anything less than heavy machinery. Their lives continued on, difficult at first but as the years passed things began to get back to normal. The two boys dealt with the loss differently. Christopher poured himself into his school work and had actually been promised a scholarship to MIT his junior year because of all his college prep classes he took during the summer.

Cain however, dealt with it far differently. He started hanging with the wrong people, he only joined the football team because Christopher said he would join if Cain did. Once he started football two years ago, he found his focus. He started working out every day and studying professional football teams and their plays. He wanted to be good at something that his brother couldn’t do. Their father had been intelligent and had taught at MIT for a year before he took the job at the Celitec Labs. He wanted to prove to his fathers memory that he could do something.

Today would be the day he learned just how he could better his brother. Just not in the way he or anyone else had thought.



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Very good begining. I like it! Please, give us more.



Cain ran. Time seemed to stand still for him as the world blurred around his vision. Soon though, his lungs burned for air and his heart beat harder and harder until it felt as if it would erupt from his chest just to get a slight reprieve from its torture. Running was no longer an unconscious act as he had to mentally will his leaden legs to move one more step. One more. Just one more. . .

Whether his legs finally gave out or his will gave up, the end result was the same. He fell. The cool dampness of the grass under the canopy of trees was a sharp contrast to the heat that burned in him. Either from the hard grueling forced run or from the events prior to his escape he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure he really cared either. He wanted the heat to consume him. Wanting to leave nothing behind for people to mock him or be afraid of.

“What just . . . why. . .” Cain mumbled into the dirt. Yet the words to express what he felt eluded him as did the answers he desperately needed. He shut his eyes out to the world hoping to wake up in his bed with his brother throwing something at him to save him from this nightmare.

His mind wandered in a dream state filled with haze. He remembered an argument with his brother over something trivial. He remembered an argument with his mother about being out to late. Even what his coach always yelled at him for when he goofed off at practice. ‘The way you act here is the way your life will turn, stop acting the fool!’ He remembered everything, except his father.

Father. Why had he not thought of his father recently? Actually, he hadn’t thought of his father in the past two years, content to let things go as there was nothing he could do about the past. He began thinking of him them and it came back in a rush that brought tears and pain to his heart. Everything his father had ever told him and Chris came flooding back in his mind that it was nearly impossible to hear it all.

‘Always be a man and admit your faults. . . Always keep your word. Your word and honor is all you have in life that no one can take away from you.’ Other father to son talks filtered through his mind but he seemed to be trying to remember something specific as if his memory knew something he didn’t. A conversation between his mother and father came into memory next.

‘Jon, I am worried about where you work. Don’t you think that that stuff your around will be harmful to you?’ Lori pleaded with her husband. ‘I mean you can bring something home and get it on us or the boys!’ she said in a whisper, afraid to wake the two sleeping boys from their nap on the couch.

‘Lori. Sweet heart. Everything is fine. I’ve been working there for a few years and nothing is wrong with me we get checked once a week and the boys are fine, the doctors said that they are in perfect health. So don’t worry everything will be fine.’ Jon embraced his wife to comfort her.

‘Besides the chemicals and radiation we are near is not harmful to us anyway. That’s why we are working on this. You know I can’t tell you what it is we do up there but just feel safer knowing that what it is we are doing will benefit everyone in the long run.’ They held each other as Cain's vision returned to him.



(ooc) I love your writing. I just wish other people would comment on roleplay stories... I know I love to hear what people think, be it good or bad. Keep up the good story, I want to hear what happens to him and his brother and what happened to his father!



Cain seemed to wake a little with that memory. He didn’t remember it but he had a feeling that he was far younger than any other memory he had to this date. Did his dad say he worked with radiation? Maybe that is what it is he thought. Boyhood fantasies aside. Maybe his dad got exposed to this new radiation and it did something to him that passed him but went to his son?

It’s possible, he heard all the time about the mutants in Paragon City that were exposed to different radiation or chemicals or born with their powers because of something that happened to their parents or relatives. Maybe that’s what he was? The possibility was intriguing.

With his strength returning he realized he was very hungry, like the energy he shot from his palm had burned his reserves. He had never felt this hungry before. He headed home to try to explain to his mother what had happened.

His walk back home took longer than he would have liked. It was around noon when he had run from practice, now it was closer to six or seven. He didn’t know how long he was out but it was getting dark so he knew it had been a while when he was dreaming his memories.

He walked back to their house, oblivious to his surroundings. He just wanted to get home, eat and go to bed. Wondering what he would say to his mother he didn’t realize where he was until he bumped into someone. “Excuse me.” Was his polite if not just a normal automated response. What he got in return was not what he expected. An audible intake of breath caused him to look up from the ground and that is when he realized that his life would never be the same.

He had made it home finally, but not before ever scared person in town had assembled in his front lawn. The response was universal; everyone just stared in shock at Cain wondering what he was going to do. He looked up to the house and saw his brother and his mother in the upstairs window looking down on him fear in their eyes. Fear of the masses out front or fear of him he wasn’t sure. The only thing he was sure at this point was getting to his house without trouble erupting.

Cain did a quick look at the large group in front of him and was worried. There were at least fifty or so people here from fifteen to fifty all out in front of his house. He recognized most of them from school or town. But he saw three figures in the shadows that he didn’t know, and that worried him. They all wore dark clothing, black it looked like in the darkening night with a small white patch on their jackets that he couldn’t make out from this distance.

He tried to make his way through the crowd without jostling anyone. He didn’t want to provoke this fight he knew that he couldn’t win. Halfway through however, the inevitable happened. He was pushed from behind into a small group of young boys.

The events that happened next are a blur as he isn’t sure what started it or what happened exactly but the end result was devastating. Bricks and stones were thrown at him and his mother’s house. Somewhere in the fray a brick hit him in the head confusing him. He continued to stumble toward the house though, refusing to fight those he knew now were weaker. His vision cleared enough for him to see two things that will stick out in his mind forever.

The three men in the shadows were the only ones not doing anything. One was on what appeared to be a phone talking to someone while eyeing Cain directly as if describing him to the person on the other end of the line. Something caught his attention that turned his gaze to his house. Someone had thrown a burning bottle at the house. It hit in the upstairs window where his family had been standing when it crashed through and exploded.

Flame erupted from the window with the screams of his mother and brother following. He heard his mother’s screams in his mind and seemed to collapse from the pain of it. What hurt more though was the scream of his brother. He didn’t hear it like he did his mother. He felt it in his soul. It was a tangible pain that he felt he could just reach down and tug on it was so real.

Fear swept over Cain then, fear of his life. Fear of his family’s life. Then the pain of knowing he is losing the rest of his family flooded his soul. The pain of his brother’s screams. Finally rage erupted from his heart. Rage at those who would hurt his family over something that was his fault. Something that he couldn’t even control, that was a part of him.

Cain stood and seemed to grow a few inches taller and a little wider in his anger. He ran into the house ignoring the burns from the flames that wanted to lick him as he passed by. The bottom floor was still nearly untouched, but the stairs were being consumed slowly by the hungry fire. He leapt the stairs four at a time and burst into the room his mother and brother were in and saw them lying on the floor.

His mother laid still half way in the flames, her body being slowly consumed. His brother however was still alive. He was convulsing and thrashing at his burns as they crept up his body. He grabbed a bed spread and threw it over both of them smothering the flames and picking them up so he could move them outside. He was burned repeatedly as he ran through the house as it was being consumed faster and faster as if the flames didn’t want anyone to escape their hunger.

He erupted from the front door smoking in many places that his skin had burned. His hair was gone as the flames had consumed it completely leaving his head bald and charred. He placed them on the cool grass hoping against hope that they would be ok. His mother was breathing but had a shallow draw and her lungs rasped as if they were burned inside. His brother was a different story. He thrashed and opened his mouth in a silent scream. His legs were both burned to the bone while his arms were covered with burns. Sirens in the distance told him help were coming for them, but would they get here in time?

The jeers and protests had stopped when he came from the house a smoldering hulk of anger. Everyone seemed to give him a wide birth now. He gaze held each one in turn, glazing over with anger, rage, and pain with ever person he looked on.

A few people attempted to say something but were stopped by an unknown feeling, guilt maybe. Fear more likely. Some were smart enough to slink into the shadows while Cain’s attention was elsewhere on those who stayed behind.

Cain was in turmoil. He stood to his full height and scanned the crowd for the instigator of this entire outcome. Cain had always been soft spoke to authority and adults. Respectful to his elders as his father had told him. He forgot all that now. The voice that came from inside him now was far different. It was cold and specific, as if all the anger in his body and all the rage that was bottle up inside of him had come out in his voice. People close by stepped back to get farther from what they were afraid was about to happen.

“Why? What have any of us ever done to you? What has my mother ever done to you?” He began stepping toward a man of middle years who still seemed defiant toward the whole thing? “What have they done to you? Do you know fear like they do? Do you?” His last step brought his within reach of the man. Cain reached out and grabbed his shirt picking him over his head and throwing him into the crowd of people who were still there.

Women screamed and everyone ran to get away from the walking rage before them. Cain didn’t move but would lash out when someone came near him. Nothing he did was damaging. It hurt, but they would recover. Recover where his mother wouldn’t. He used all his control taught to him during football practice. He felt the energies build up within him and fought to keep them down.

The three men in the shadows noticed this. Unlike everyone else though, they stayed and didn’t seem too worried about the situation at all. They did seem interested in the fact that he only lashed out at people in passing out of pain not anger and that he didn’t use his new found powers to hurt those people who obviously hurt him.

Sirens announced the arrival of the police and the paramedics. Cain was worried if they found out what he was they would blame him for the fire. He ran to his brother and crouched down next to him lifting his head so he could whisper in what was left of his ears.

“Chris. . . look bro you have to fight man. You’ll make it bro, you’ll make it. You’re stronger than you think you are. They are here to take you to the hospital. Go there and get better. . . I’ll see you later man. . .” Tears welled up in his eyes as he knew he was leaving his family. He didn’t want to but he knew it was for the better. He saw how they looked at him from the window before it exploded into an inferno of flames. He saw fear. Not fear of the masses but fear of what he was.

“Chris. Tell mom I love her and I’ll see you both soon. I. . . I love you too bro, your all I have left. Don’t ever forget that. I love you too.” He gently laid his head back on the grass and looked at his mother’s still form. She was breathing, but barely. “Get better mom, please!” With that he ran. He ran into the darkness not knowing where to go or what to do.



(ooc) What do you guys think of so far? It is much longer I was actually trying to think of a way to create a little book, like a comic of his origin to go along with the story. What do you think? Remarks welcome as well as possible ideas. I am currently on Victory but am moving over to virtue here probably today when I get home from work. If you want to make a cameo in the origin of I am at the perfect waypoint to add tangents. I am not stopping the story here just trying to make sure I go in the right direction. Input wanted/ needed... Thanks for reading so far.

DA, thanks for the great comments. I haven't read your origin yet but I will get to it today if I can find it.



I'll take the time and read this thread then edit this reply. I started putting together a origin story for Reyc-133 and got really into it and was wondering if they were going to redo the "Origins" forum for us. Till then I guess they will be put in this forum.

Okay, the story, itself, seems good. Persecution based on being different and the obligatory scared stupid townsfolk.

1. Watch present tense accidents. Only happened once that I saw.
The events that happened next are a blur as he isn’t sure what started it or what happened exactly but the end result was devastating.

[/ QUOTE ]
Just kinda shook me from the storytelling, but I may be grammar-nazi'ing you, so just saying.

2. Is Cain an energy projector or a tank? It sounded like the former in the beginning: [ QUOTE ]
like the energy he shot from his palm had burned his reserves.

[/ QUOTE ]
but then nothing else comes of this (which may or may not show up later in your story, so..) and then he [ QUOTE ]
grow[s] a few inches taller and a little wider in his anger.

[/ QUOTE ]

and proceeds to pick up both his mother and brother at the same time and get them to outside the house.

Maybe just more detail is needed, I think. Like I said, the story, itself, sounds good, but some left out story bits confused me (like why the townsfolk are there, what did Cain do, how big is he when he is carrying his mom and brother out from the fire, etc..).

If you have those bits forthcoming, then just nod and ignore that, but you wanted the responses, so I thought I would give my 2 bits.



Not a problem Steel. . .

Yes Cain is an Energy Projector (Blaster), however the character model used is a large male model. Where I stated he grew a few inches taller and wider was specific to how he looks later on in the story/ game.

Now, about not seeing his energy expulsion after he used it at the football field, if you continue to read yo ucan see that he is in a constant battle with himself to not use it as he doesn't want to kill anyone, and he knows without a doubt with his anger and rage focusing his powers he could kill anyone there.

The townsfolk is there because of the general rule of thumb. Individually society is afriad of confrontation. In a group or mob they feel more superior.

- - - - -

After reading back I noticed that a large section of the story is missing. I will have to edit it and put it in somehow. Sorry for the confusion. Most of that will clear up your questions.



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Well, go here for the complete updated story since I can't seem to edit the ones here.

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