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Weapons & Tactics Expert
File Name: Diaz, Jerry
SN: 606-JB-824
Primary Military Specialty: Assault Weapons
Secondary Military Specialty: Martial Arts
Birthplace: Miami, FL

A former Ranger, SECTION-8 has a high pain threshold & a moderate temperament.
A qualified expert/specialist with all NATO small arms & assault weapons.
He has highly developed reflexes and expertise in hand-to-hand martial arts combat. SECTION-8 likes to be the first one in on combat assaults because he knows that he can provide the best covering and suppressive fire to allow the rest of his Spec Op team to deploy. This dubbing him the name “Section-8”
Once apart of TACLET (Tactical Law Enforcement Team), a high-risk counter terrorist/drug team. Secretly funded by Crey Industries. Crey Industries true reason for this was to eliminate their competitors by supplying false intelligence & locations of their whereabouts.

Section-8 surpassed all expectations of Crey Industries. So they recruited him into their Spec Op team at their main building.
Supplying him with all the latest technology in weapons. Jerry was a model employee till he was told to open fire on a group of unarmed protesters. After not obeying orders, his own men were ordered to fire upon him & the protesters.
Needless to say that the Spec ops teams weren’t left standing, in the end. Many protestors lost their lives. Crey industries planted weapons & reported that the demonstrators were in fact terrorists, which opened fire first. Ever since then, he has vanished. Filled with guilt is now on a vendetta to destroy Crey Industries.
If spotted ELLIMINATE him on site!

Chapter-1 OPERATION-Eviction Notice
Moments after the incident that took place at the entrance to Crey industries.
Section-8 grabbed his sister & fled the scene before more Spec Op soldiers showed up.
His sister lays in his arms quickly bleeding to death… He removes his mask, “Jerry” in a shocked voice she replies.
It was her last words before she passes into the after life. Dropping pamphlets into the floor soaked with her blood.
A single tear run-downs Section-8’s face onto hers, “THEY WILL PAY!!!!” He picks up a pamphlet from the floor & it reads: STOP pollution in Paragon City! Move your chemical factories elsewhere! The pamphlet has a photograph of a Crey Industries factory & a boy sick in bed on it. “Consider them evicted sis..” Section-8 puts his mask back on, lays his sister on the ground with her arms crossed & walks away. He gets back to his apartment to quickly gather his armament & gear. Afterwards he calls in a few favors from his buddies at TACLET.

At 1755 (5:55 PM) Section-8 meets up with Mad-Dog, his long time friend from TACLET at an Alley near Crey Industries Factory. Mad-Dog say “Nice costume *Evil-Grin*, anyways I got what ya ask for. 1 Crate of C-5, 20 blasting caps with remote detonators, 1 Crate of Frag grenades, and 1 Crate of Flash Bangs, a few Heavy Assault weaps, these new nifty dart tranquilizer guns & a new Identity. Would ya like an apple pie with that? *Snickers*
So where, when, & what party we crashing?” Section-8 points to the factory & says “Now” Mad-Dog replies “Groovy…” & begins to prep the explosives. Section-8 “try to keep it less than lethal, I want to destroy the building & leave the chemicals alone, it’ll cost Crey Industries plenty to dispose of the stuff. I’ll clear the building & you’ll be
planting the c-4”.

2000-Guard switch: Safeties off, silencers on, locked & loaded it’s go time. They cut though the barbwire fence using liquid nitrogen gun & make way to the loading docks. Both shot 2 guards near the entrance door, putting them to sleep from the Tranq. Darts & drag their bodies into the bushes away from the building. Section-8 uses his security access card to gain entry into the factory. As they enter they split up, Mad-dog heads to the basement & Section-8 heads to the Security room. The Security room door flies open & all was heard is 2 thuds from 2 security guards hitting the floor, quickly a sleep. ”Great more bodies to drag… on 2nd thought, sucks to be them. Any ways your clear Mad-Dog.” Section-8 heads to 4th floor to retrieve the hard drives from the high security computers & returns to the security room.
Section-8 “how ya doing Mad-dog?” Mad-Dog “ready daddy-o , lets buggy” One of the explosive were triggered. Alarms begin to ring. Section-8 begins to shout over the factories Radio system “Get out of the factory NOW!!! It’s gonna blow..!” Section-8 meets up with Mad-Dog at the fence where they started.
“Hand me the remote Mad-Dog, this one is for you sis..” <BOOM>

Chapter 2-Crey Industries profile entry
Unknown to Section-8; we retrieved his sister's corpse & had placed her in the Re-Birth Project. She can be an asset to eliminate Section-8 in the future.
Section-8's sister is currently in the 1st stage of the Re-Birth project.
We have live feeds on all security cameras belonging to Crey Industries Facilities, which is recorded here at our main building. The culprits at the destruction of one of our chemical plant were Section-8 & an accomplice. Our computers are working on the identity of the accomplice. Once identified, he will be eliminated. *UP-DATED* Second accomplice is know as Mad-Dog, an ex-member of TACLET.

Mad-Dog's File:

We have dispatched Night-Fall our ninja operative, to assassinate him. Mad-Dog will be enlisted into project Re-Birth, after his is untimely death. Mad-Dog’s body was badly damaged during his assassination & cannot be enrolled into the project. Upper management is upset with this & wants Night-fall to take his place. Our attempt to slay Night-Fall failed & he vanished with out a trace.

Section-8 is quickly becoming a top priority here at Crey Industries. Upper management is displeased after being notified that we haven’t located him & came up with nothing from his apartment. They fear that we have not seen the last of him & have ordered heightened security at all our installations. Our techs will be ministering his bank & credit card activity. We have operatives watching his apartment, as well as Mad-Dog’s. END ENTRY.

At a contacts resort on the beach section-8 sits on a balcony overlooking the ocean decrypting the stolen hard drives from Crey industries pondering his next move. Little to his knowledge mad dog had fallen fate to Crey industries ninja operative Night-Fall. Yet another soul stolen and placed in Night-fall's memories. Upon completion Section-8 attempts calling Mad Dog with no answer. The thought crosses Section-8’s mind “Something’s up.. Mad Dog never lets the phone ring more than twice especially since he was waiting for my phone call”. Section-8 notifies Chip, the contact hacker, that he will be back for the decryption notes and hard drives later but don’t let up on the search for more information. Section-8 grabs his guns off the desk in front of him and leaps off the balcony with not further word to his actions. While enroute to Mad Dogs apartment Section-8 attempts a second call. “COME ON MAD DOG PICK UP! **** IT PICK UP!” but the phone call ends with no success. Section-8 knowing how if anything has happened to Mad Dog the Crey industries will a have a operatives monitoring the place, so he parks two blocks down and one block over from the complex because the operatives search area will not be that big. Stealthy Section-8 climbs to the roof of the building adjacent to Mad Dogs apartment with weapons drawn and his game face on. Just as he expected Snipers! Taking them out with the simplest two round shots in the head he has ever fired, they never saw it coming. Section-8 believes they got off easy they never saw their attackers face. Repelling down the wall with a stolen radio he took off one of the snipers he listens carefully for the positions and plans of the other operatives. Once on the ground he walks across the street calmly with the sniper rifle slung across his back. Since Mad Dog lived on the second floor Section-8 knew he had two choices “the stairs or the elevator?, The elevator will be a death trap for sure, I better stick with the stairs.” Back against the wall, pistols drawn slowly he advances up the stairs. The Stairwell lighting cast a sickening glow on the walls but as he is about to turn to go up the second set of stairs to the second floor he turn and fires both guns up to toward the door. Down goes another Crey operative. “What fools to use the tactics I taught them against me? Do they think I’m that much in a hurry that I would forget my own training”. On the second floor crouched below the window guns facing either direction poised and waiting for the operatives to come out of hiding. He hears footsteps running toward his position coming from either direction, he places his fingers on the triggers, leans out a little ways and lets the rounds fly and empty magazines drop. “Just like shooting fish in a barrel, these guys are so predictable.” Unshouldering the sniper rifle and moving two steps to the left of the door of mad dogs apartment remembering to stay low and dropping to one knee he places the barrel of the rifle just inches away from the wall and squeezes off a silent round which is followed by a dull thud and many explicit words. Section-8 kicks the door wide open and points his pistols at the head of what should be the last operative laying on the ground applying pressure to his upper right chest. The shot had clearly penetrated his armor and punctured his lung then exiting the body with no bullet to be found. Section-8 yells” where is he? What have they done with him?! Tell me now before you drown in your own blood you disgusting pig!!” Nothing comes out of the operative’s mouth except for a few muffled gasps for air and a slight gurgling noise, yet he has the strength to still make one final gesture toward section-8. He flips him the bird. Section-8 responds with a squeeze of a trigger, with the thought “that will leave a mark” crossing his mind. Searching Mad Dogs apartment all rooms are clean and clear like nothing had happened with one room left to check his bedroom. Opening the bedroom slowly hoping for the best but knowing he should expect the worst section-8 couldn’t prepare him for the scene that lay before him. A blood stained bed with a small frog made from paper laid delicately on the blood stained pillowcase like a mint on a hotel bed. No time to call room service now, more operatives are on the way. On his way out he grabs the frog and Mad Dogs dog tags off the counter and walks out the door with rage in his eyes and despair in his heart. “YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED CREY!”

Chapter 4: Phone Log
Section-8 calls Chip while on the way out of Mad-Dog’s Apartment to see if Chip gathered any incriminating documents from the stolen hard drives.

Section-8: What do you got for me Chip.

Chip: I got the man who ordered the attack on the protesters

Section-8: So spit it out, Chip!

Chip: Mark Roberts, he’s the crisis management officer over at Crey Industries main building that ordered the attack
& planting of the weapons.

Section-8: “He’s a dead man!! Chip can you do a word search in the files on the hard drive?”

Chip: “Sure thing 8, what’s the word?”

Section-8: “Origami”

Chip: “Give me a sec boss… <Loading> Holy $#^% 8, this guy looks like a real bad *#@. This guy is some high tech ninja assassin with a large body count; hell his file is still loading. Anyways his trade mark is leaving origami behind after he assassinates his mark (target).”

Section-8: (Exhales with anger)“Send me their files.”

Chip: Roger 8, here they come <Uploading>
Mark Robert's file:
Night-fall's file:

Chip reaches for a drink & drops his phone on the ground. As he picks up the phone, he gets allot of feedback on it.

Chip: “Oh no…. oh no… please… (Chip opens his computer) BAH!!! (The hard drive has a blinking red light)
Hey 8, they got a tracking device of their hard drives!!

Section-8: “Chip get the hell outta there!!

Chip: (Turns around to his balcony door that was left open) I’m %$#@&*! AHHH…!

Section-8: CHIP!!! CHIP!!!

Chip’s phone: (Breathing.., Night-Fall listens)

Section-8: Who is this?!! CHIP!!?

Chip's phone: (Hangs up)

Chapter 5- You Got Mail.
After Chip’s phone hangs up Section-8 mutters, “I’m sorry chip..”
Section-8 looks at his palm-pad & reviews Robert’s file, while sitting in his car. “Looks like I’m heading to Steel Canyon. Hell most of Crey Industries top dogs live there. Like some sort of syndicate.”

<Beep Beep-Incoming E-mail>
Section-8 gets an e-mail from Chip’s account.
Your enemies are my enemies..
Your friend is ok & Mad-Dog was only business.
<File>Location of Crey Industries Weapons Testing Facilities.
<File> HAW-75 (Heavy Assault Weapon 75-cal)
<File> ESG-45 (Electrical Shocking Gloves 45 volts)

Section-8 starts up his car & races over to Chip’s place.
Section-8 arrives at Chip’s & races up the stairs with his weapons drawn. Then precedes to shot the door open & checking for any unfriendly’s, pointing his guns in all directions. "Chip!?" He shouts as he tactically clears the rooms.
Section-8 finds chip lying on the floor in the computer room with a tranquillizer dart in his neck. "Sleeping like a baby" *Chuckles with a smile* Relieved that chip is ok, he removes the dart from chips neck. Chip awakens shocked "What the....". Section-8 "It’s was only a tranq dart Chip, you ok." Chip "He's such a bad @#$%, well not as bad #%^ as you 8." Chip notices the stolen hard drives are missing & the tracking devices are lying in the bottom of a cup of water (destroyed). Chip lashes out with "Son of.. All that useful data I could of retrieved... Sorry 8" "Well Night-fall sent me a little gift or a big trap, take a look at these files." Section-8 replies. Chip looks over the files from Section-8's data pad & copies the files onto his computer. Chip says "Wow these weapons are intense, he even sent you blue prints to the place. It'll be like taking candy from a baby or you being the moth to the flame." Section-8 & Chip sit down & plan out how they will retrieve the weapons.

*Mission Plan*
Tactical Coms- Chip & Sectoion-8 will have 2-way earpiece radios.

Chip's job- Chip will remain at his pad & hack into the live security video at the testing facilities. Once hacked in he will record the feed & loop it, making Section-8's not visible on the security cameras. Then watch the real live feed to ensure Section-8 isn't noticed by the roaming guards or building personnel.

Section-8's job- Retrieve Proto type weapon un-noticed.

Entry Point- Sewers & enter building though storm grate in the secured indoor parking garage.

Travel route- Enter stairwell & proceed to the 5th floor. Then head to the end of the hall on the left. Exit same way entered.

Secured room entry- Use the voice sample from the file Night-fall sent & use Chip's Security bypass hand held computer.

Plan B- If the crap hits the fan, Section-8 will shoot his way out!

Section-8 plan goes off with out a hitch & in possession of new toy.
"Oh.. Mr... Roberts..."

To Continued....



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Section-8 arrives to the building adjacent to Crey Industries Upper management living quarters. Parks his car on the top floor of the garage & proceeds to lock & load up. Having an assortment of weapons from small arms to rocket propelled grenades. Section-8 hears a motorcycle coming in the distance & grins. The bike parks next to his car & a short red headed oriental female in all black leather dismounts. Sansya is her name… She is on the same vendetta to bring Crey Industries down, for the murder of her father. Section-8 became good friends with her father, providing security for him during field experiments. As well testing the new technology & weapons he created. Her father was once Crey Industries top scientist, till he refused to experiment on the fallen hero cadavers after the Rikiti invasion.
Sansya came to Section-8 after the death of her father, over 2 years ago. This only adding fuel to the fire, as Section-8’s rage grows for the demise of Crey Industries. Since then, Section-8 has taken her in & trained her.
Now the two have teamed up together, to enlarge the body count & to hasten their revenge!

Section-8 asks Sansya: “Did you bring them?”
Sansya open ups her backpack & throws Section-8 a utility belt. This utility belt can make the person having it on, able to jump great distances. By the use of Rikiti technology, it makes a low gravity bubble around the subject. Lasting only a few seconds. As section-8 dons the belt, Sansya pulls out a 2nd belt. Section-8 asks Sansya “Your coming?”Sansya replies, “If you don’t mind?” Section-8 smiles “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”




Section-8 is the 1st Assault Blaster on Virtue.. (19 May 2004)
Just wanted to thank all the heroes that helped & want to wish all the up-coming heroes, happy leveling.