The Muses (Virtue Supergroup)




The Muses
Motto: Prepare to be Inspired.

Every few centuries, the Muses find humanity in such peril that they feel they must intervene. With the Rikti invasion, the Muses once again descended from Mount Olympus to select 9 individuals whose souls and hearts seemed to best match their respective spheres of influence. Possessing these hosts, they enfused them with their powers and set them on the road to ridding the planet of the Rikti and all others who would use knowledge in the creation of Evil.

The effect of this possession depends upon the Muse. In some cases the Muse takes over their host completely, using the small part of their Olympic powers which continue to exist in the terrestrial form. In other cases, the Muse merely inspires them with a piece of their own divinity, trusting in the individual to use their powers in the pursuit of Good. Though the inspirations of the Muses is strong medicine, those individuals allowed their own free will don't always behave in the way the Muses had hoped...