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<Televised Ad, similar items appear in various papers and magazines>

The scene shows a woman walking down a dimly lit street. She clutches her purse as she walks through a dark area of the street that the streetlights don't reach. She picks up her pace as she approaches the corner, gasping as she rounds it. Several men dressed in Skull gang colors and armed with bats and knives approach her menacingly. She screams for help and the scene freezes in black and white.

"Don't take chances with your security," the voice speaks over the scene with a tone of authority. "Can you afford the risk of `hoping' a hero will come to your aid?"

The scene restarts as the Skulls approach the woman; she takes a few steps back and reaches into her purse. The thugs laugh expecting her to produce a weapon but instead she pulls out a small signaling device. It pulses red after she pushes a button.

Suddenly, the closest Skull's face twists in pain and he drops to his knees holding his head. The other Skulls glance around nervously until one points upwards. Floating several meters above the street is a man in pale blue and white. His flack jacket is covered with patches of various corporation sponsorships, his blond hair is perfectly combed back and his eyes are hidden behind expensively looking sunglasses. Upon seeking him, the thugs scatter. Gracefully the man lands beside the woman and puts a heavy combat boot on the back of the writhing thug.

"Thank you, First Strike Security," the woman exclaims looking adoringly up at the hero.

"Don't take chances, call First Strike today! Corporate protection at private sector prices" the hero says looking into the camera and giving a thumbs up, his boot still holding the Skull to the ground.

Screen goes black, briefly flashing "Now hiring, good benefits. Contact ###-####"

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Red Starr turned off his television in disgust. He thought the heros of Paragon were pure of taint, but it seemed he was wrong. He slammed his fist into a nearby counter. These ridiculous capitalists must be stopped! Charging for what should be freely given?! It is a mockery of everything he and the Spetsnaz stood for. He Adjusted his red and black uniform, and placed his full helmet on. He climbed out the window and started to make his way to 'First Strike Security' head quarters. He was going to give this monster a piece of his mind!



And so the rivalry begins!



after seeing this anouncement he slams his t.v into the ground and decides to start his own advertisment

Advertisement for the pinnicle server
A modest hero needs a modest group. people are saying too many groups have high standards or high presiquites.
our group is one where people have fun grouping and chatting, hanging out and leveling
and remember our motto is
And We Shall Know No Fear



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I can't help but supressed a small grin as the First Strike Security ad played. No doubt some of the other "Hero's" would be spitting mad, what with they're oversized, "Code of the hero", fortune cookie perceptions. Truth be told, it was'nt the gratitude of the people or ethics that drove most of them on, but ego. "I'm a hero, I'm as pure as the driven snow. Look at me, I just saved your life from a bunch of weakling street punks who posed no threat to me whatsoever. Show me gratitude citizen! Look at me, look at me!"

Makes me want to retch.

The truth was, it took capital to finance a true war on crime and evil. Any cape could slug a few street thugs and call himself the peoples hero, prancing around in brightly colored tights and capes, basking in the glory of the publics fickled gratitude. In the end, they were just soothing the symptoms, not treating the disease. F.S.S. was about the big picture, not public or corporate image, that was just a bi-product of the deed itself. It was about justice, REAL justice. Thats something most other "Hero's" just did'nt get. F.S.S. was just as dedicated as any, they just had a better battleplan than "hit the streets and hope to find some bad guys".

Money meant stronger, more skilled, and better prepaired operatives. That translated into better results. Fewer casualties, less collateral damage, faster and better response. It was as different as taking a torch to the cancer instead of a squirt gun.

My alarm clock just went off. 8:00 a.m., time for work.

Sullen - Virtue Server



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Sitting in his new Apt, Dr Mythos watches the ad on his small B/W 13 inch that the previous tenet. Wow he thinks thats different, and their looking to Hire. Looking over his Magical equiptment, The city needs heros, and an alert system will work wonders, I hope they don't mind a mystical upstart assisting. Now Lets see if I can order one of those, It can't hurt to be able to call for back up. Copying the number on the screen....

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As he walked away from the electronics department in the large store, he started seriously considering dropping by and inquiring about a job with FSS. It'd been 4 month's since he'd had his last paycheck and he was getting increasingly tired of Ramen noodles for every meal. At his age it was hard enough to find a job, even if you were "normal". But with his extenuating circumstances, it was nearly impossible. The insurance issues were a nightmare. Most companies didn't want to employee someone who on a bad day could easily tear the whole facility to the ground. Not to mention that if someone who disliked the employee, and had the same "affliction", were to show up for a face-to-face while the employee was at work, the collateral damage alone could destroy most small businesses, not to mention all the personal injury suits and "dangerous work environment" issues that would arise.

These possibilities have made insurance underwriters shy away from insuring companies that employ people who aren't quite normal. So needless to say, the work opportunities had been few and far between. But this could be a real chance for him. He made a mental note of the address and decided to get cleaned up and head down there later this afternoon.

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