An incomplete description of Cooler.




Since his story will evolve as I play CoH, I'll simply give a brief background of Cooler's history and how his powers work. From there on, I'll periodically post recent adventures of Cooler's mishaps. =P

Cooler, as he is now known, was born in the Arizona deserts of the United States. It was there he was raised by his mother, who despised the hot weather more than anything else. His father had run off, according to Cooler's mom, and she was not afraid to tell him the truth. She was always honest about everything with Cooler, and he gained that same additude towards life.

When Cooler's dad had left his mom, he left her with not much more than Cooler. As he grew up, the cold nights of the desert felt oddly comforting to him, and at the age of 13 he noticed his bare skin would frost up a bit while in the cold. He thought nothing of it, figuring it was normal because of how cold the desert could get at night. Cooler's mom never noticed.

Cooler's mother always encouraged Cooler to learn new skills, and do very well in school. Despite his offers, she would never let him help her with rent, for she was detirmined to help herself out. For years she raised her son alone while working enough to save money so that one day she could escape the pit trap she was in. Finally that day came.

After years of saving, Cooler's mother finally had enough to move to Paragon city, where she hoped to start a new life in such an opportune place. Cooler, now 19, decided he would stick by his mom's side to help her out and get situated. Besides, a new place would mean new excitement.

Maybe TOO much excitement, as it turned out.

Almost instantly after leaving the desert, Cooler realized his gift. He could cool his body, and the surrouding air, to freezing temperatures. Having been taught to be open with everything, Cooler told his mom, showing her what he could do. At first a little frightened, she eventually comforted him and let him know she still loved him, and that this new ability wasn't going to change who he was. Besides, they were moving to the "City of Heroes", where there were plenty of other mutants like him.

So, Cooler, in the safety of his mom's apartment, began to practice his control over his newfound powers. Eventually he learned how to quickly coat his body in an armor of solid ice. He also learned how to extend the fridgid cold to the surrounding air, making it feel like the dead of winter in Antartica. Modifying his ice creation, he learned to shape simple objects made of ice, as well. His control would soon be put to the test, and with his mother's encouragement, decided to register as a hero under the name "Cooler".

No sooner than his nickname became official did an attack against his apartment building ensue. A large group of thugs broke into the building at night, ransacking people's apartments, and setting them ablaze. His apartment was amoung the first hit.

Cooler fought through a few thugs before he was thrown back into his room by a rather large character. Dizzy, he stood, and from the other room could hear his mother screaming. He tried to run to her defense, but was grabbed by the large character and instead thrown out his 10th story window. It was by sheer luck and a part of his power he didn't realize he had that he survived.

He woke up in the hospital and was told what happened. Apperently, about 10 minutes after he was thrown, some heroes arrived at the scene. They quickly vanquished the foes and put out the raging fire. Unfortunately, many died in the fires.. including his mother.

Enraged, Cooler set out into the city to stop any crime he could see. He vowed no other innocent person would fall victim to such evil again...

It wasn't long before Cooler beganto wonder about how he survived the fall. It then struck him that, not only could he slow molecules in the air to create ice and cold, he could also slow gravity particles to make himself lighter. Though he can't so this to stop gravity and fly, he can use it to lessen gravity and jump great heights and distances.

Cooler's never ending battle against evil has begun... but where will it take him?