The origin of Everfrost




Chapter 1
16 year-old chubby Allen got up from bed like in any other normal day. He sat on the bed for several minutes, waiting a bit to recover what he had done last night, which was practically nothing. All he did was sit in front of the computer screen and watched some television before fading off into meaningless dreams. Allen never even bothered to comb his black hair besides straightening up his crest the way he liked it. It wasn't that long, but he just liked how it looked, the reason why he didn't go to the barber too often. Because his lack of combing his hair mostly looked a bit wild.
After brushing his he went downstairs, grabbed a sandwich his mother had just made for him, kissed her and his father goodbye and took off for another boring day at paragon-high.

Allen walked to school rather slowly while looking on the floor with no real expression on his face – Just as he did on any other day.

His arrival to the school's main gate was a bit extra-boring since a lot of students were trying to cramp into the little gate all at once, causing the line to go very slow. Allen didn't give much though to the other kids trying to push him, he was too busy staring at the ground.
Eventually he passed through and went inside the big campus of paragon-high. He boringly glanced at his wrist-watch to find out class had already began. He raced to the class hoping the teacher had come later than he did, but in vain. Not only the teacher was standing in the middle of class, but she seemed greatly intruded by the noisy entrance and heavy breath of the student who clearly looked like he sprinted a few floors up.

Allen was deeply frustrated about being sent to the signing office. Despite the fact it was only his second time being late to class all year he knew he would get detention for at least two days, P-High was very strict with being late and intruding the proper course of the class. He didn't waste his breath complaining to the secretary he was just a few minutes late, because he already knew it would not help him.

When Allen was supposed to come back from school it was 2 PM. He was halfway to his house (which was only 5 blocks away), when he realized he was supposed to be on detention. He quickly ran back inside the complex and to detention room. The school corridors were already empty from students and teachers.
On his way he swiftly maneuvered aside from the janitor scraping a "**** principal Jones!" carving from off the stairs, almost bumping into him.
Fortunately for him, he entered the room before roll call and while the teacher in charge was in the bathroom.

Detention for him was just a giant chunk of boredom who stepped in his way between him and freedom. After 2 hours (appeared to him as 20 rather than 2) he finished his detention assignment and filed it to the teacher. Then he went running out of the class hoping he would make it for "Buffy" (a difficult task considering it was starting in 5 minutes).
On his way he didn't see the janitor, who was still there the entire time scraping off that carving off the stairs, and this time he bumped into him and rolled down the stairs.
The detention class was at the 5th floor, and the stairs were spiral, and went all the way to the basement (There were exits from the staircase on every floor).
Allen kept on rolling and hitting his head without the ability to stop his body from tumbling down the stairs. Eventually he reached the end of the staircase, way down in the basement. When he finally stopped, he felt his head and body for open wounds, but all he felt were extremely painful cuts and bruises all over.

He looked around and got up, trying to understand what exactly occurred and where he was, and before he got the chance to fully regain awareness the wooden floor of the basement broke underneath him.

Allen woke up in a very dark room, sprawled on the floor. He tried to stand up but he felt his legs where out of order, and he had a difficulty moving his feet. After much effort he finally got himself standing, but the room was still very dark and he had no idea where he was.
Suddenly the lights came on, and he realized he was butt-naked.

The chamber he woke up in was quite large, and seemed to have snow all over the floor, though Allen noticed the snow looked synthetic. It was completely sealed, save for a big closed door right in front of him. The walls had a very light shade of sky-blue, and there was a big mirror about 5ft above the ground. To his right he saw a stool, though he did not pay much attention to the stool, concerning his situation.
He remembered he had fallen off floor of the school basement, but then again, he wasn't naked either when he fell so logic wasn't on his side.

Allen was surprised he was not at all cold, despite the snow and the fact he was completely naked. Struggling to regain control of his muscles, he started walking slowly towards the door. Obviously, it was locked.
"In the movies those mirrors are always one sided, and there are people watching from the other side" he thought to himself.
He then slowly (as fast as he could) turned to the stool he noticed before and used it to cover his 'privates'.

"Don't worry, young man, we are not perverts!" stated a voice coming from the mirror's direction.

"Who… who are you..?" Allen said with a screech of fear, "What do you want of me?"

Suddenly the door opened in a loud squeak. Allen felt his heart falling somewhere to his wastes area from the high pitch sudden squeak. Three guards came inside, they wore a crimson colored armor which looked like they were winter-oriented (although it was the peak of the summer) and carried rifles, they were followed by an old man wearing a white doctor's robe and a scarf. Allen thought to himself that the old man looked like a very nice man and if he wasn't that confused and scared he might have liked him.
The old man approached Allen, and he noticed a black bath-robe in the man's hands, which the old man gave to Allen. Allen put it on, and meanwhile the old man introduced himself as Professor John Goldberg, a scientist.
"Look, Mister, under different circumstances I would love to know your name and have a chat…" Allen said unsuccessfully trying to hide the fear in his voice, "But right now I'd rather just go home…".

The professor giggled quietly and said "Come with me".

"But I don't want to!"

"Bring him to his room" said the Professor to one of the guards.

The guard picked Allen up and carried without much trouble, despite Allen's numerous attempts of fleeing his arms.

They passed through some hospital-smelling corridors with many doors. The corridors appeared to be quite over-warm to Allen. Finally professor Goldberg opened one of the doors with a large keychain and they entered it.
The guard put Allen down on the bed – apparently supposed to be his bed – and the professor started told him and the other two to wait outside the door.

The room had grey walls, it's floor was covered with synthetic snow like the other room and there were no windows at all. It had a mirror, a cabinet, a desk, a chair, a bed and on the desk was Allen's watch and folded cloths. Allen was still overwhelmed with what had happened, though he didn't know what exactly occurred. The professor looked at him with a fatherly look and a crooked grin.

"Where am I?" finally Allen asked.

"Frusciate Inc." replied the professor.

"And what is that?"

"Our company studies bio-molecular structure and elemental effects"

Allen looked even more confused than he was before. "And what do I have to do with it?".

"Yesterday we found you in one of our secret la..." *cough* "Places. And you looked like a perfect candidate to our research!".

"Research!?" Allen jumped on his feet, "What kind of research?"

"Hold your horses young man…" the professor said calmly, "Everything will be clear when the time comes…".

"I believe there has been some mistake" he said and looked at the mirror.
"What is this?!" he said with terror, pointing on what seemed like little holes in the middle his chest. He also noticed he had a much fitter built and muscles, instead of his usually chubby stomach.

"Oh, that?" said the professor, "That is what we used to 'modify' you".
"Modify?" Allen said with even greater terror, while slipping on the snow.
"And what is the deal with the snow all over?!" he shouted.

"The snow is to keep you comfortable, the… 'modification' we did made you a bit sensitive to heat and more comfortable in the cold." The professor said firmly.
"And as for the modification" he added, "We made you a bit more… distinctive of all your friends".

"What do you mean?!" Allen leaped on the professor and grabbed him by the collar, while lifting him.
Both of them were amazed by the strength Allen had.

Professor Goldberg took a cellphone out of his pocket and pressed a button. The door opened and the guards went inside.
Allen counted on this new strength of his and threw the professor on the guard at the door. The guard tried to recoil, but was slammed to the wall by the thrown professor.

Allen ran outside, trying to avoid the gunfire pointed at him. While he was running down the hall he heard the professor shout "Shoot him in the legs! He's too precious to lose!".

The boy didn't understand what exactly was going on, but he preferred to think stuff over after he was outside the building.

He ran all around the corridors, but all the doors and elevators were locked, and the alarm sounded.
He wound up pressed against the wall with two guards aiming their firearms at him.
He was completely lost. Eventually Allen decided to storm through the guards, maybe rolling between them and find another way out.
All Allen found was the guard's arm reaching out to punch Allen in the jaw.
With a nimble move Allen evaded the punch and caught the guard's hand.

Allen was furious at the moment at what they had done to him, whatever it was, so he squeezed the guard's wrist, ignoring the other one.
To Allen's great surprise, the hand of the guard started freezing. The guard was yelling like a madman and the other one took off.

Allen let go of the guard's wrist out of amazement, and watched him run away as he bumped to the wall with his hand. Right at the hand's collision with the wall, the hand broke into thousands of pieces and there was a lot of blood all over.

After a few seconds of consuming all that had just happened, Allen had an idea.
He turned around to face the wall, and took out his hand towards it. He concentrated as hard as he could on freezing that wall. And just when he thought what happened earlier was only his imagination, he felt the air around his hand sucked into the wall and freezing it.
Allen opened his mouth on amazement of what he just did. Then he heard some running footsteps getting closer, so he kicked the iced wall.
The wall, as planned, was shattered into pieces, and Allen saw he was not far from his school. The only problem was, he was 20 stories high.

To be continued…

As he was trying to concentrate on what the heck he'd do to escape, a group of 6 armed guards and Professor Goldberg came along the corridor.

"Don't worry boy, we won't hurt you" Said the professor as calm as he could, though he was actually furious that Allen had tossed him on some guards earlier.

"You've hurt me enough!" replied Allen, while still trying to figure a way out of there.

"I'm sick of being nice! Seize him!" shout the professor.

Allen made up his mind – He would not stay there any longer, whether he'll die or not, he's going to jump off the ledge. He actually thought maybe he'll find out he can fly also.

The guards swooped at him, but before they knew it – He was gone, he jumped off.

Allen was dropping with a loud scream; he was too panicked to even try to fly.
Suddenly he stopped midair. He thought he started to fly, but right after he stopped he felt a very strong wind carrying him up and away from the area of Frusciate's building. It felt like a hurricane to him, though it looked like it was only in his area.
From the air he managed to take a glimpse at the structure, it looked like a regular office building. It had a lot of windows (A cover, he knew).

After a while of being carried by this so called hurricane, he landed on the roof of a much smaller building at a very neglected-looking area of the city.
He was very weary and dizzy from all he'd been through since he woke up (It was not more than 2-3 hours, but he wasn't used to this much action).

When he got up and looked around, he saw the wind that had saved his life was gathering in one place and transforming into a person.
The mysterious figure wore an entirely black outfit with a black mask over his upper half of the head, and an insignia looking like a white circle, in a black circle, in a white circle with a black 'X' all over it.
The figure had a strong built, and was about 6'1. He had a smile all over his face.

"My official name is Aero-Man, but you can call me Joey" he said. The man had a very sharp voice. Allen could tell he was not the kind of clever person that doesn't respect authority, just like Allen.

"I'm… I'm… Allen" replied Allen, very shaken.

"Follow me" said Aero-Man swiftly, and then he went over to a ladder that was behind Allen.
Allen lingered for a few moments before he went in because he was very confused and frightened, but he had decided to come inside the complex in search of some answers.

To be continued…

Chapter 2

"Have you noticed it's hot in here?" said Wayne to Kenny when Patricia went by them.

Patricia stopped walking, paused for a second with a sigh, and said "You think you're so cool? Sitting here on the fence with your stupid sunglasses, smoking and looking at girls' butts?!"

Wayne put a crooked grin on his face and took a lighter out of his pocket, lit his cigarette and subsequently jumped off the fence he was sitting on – grabbing Patricia by the hair and pulling her down.

"You think you can insult me like that?" he said furiously, "You may be hot, but that doesn't mean I won't hesitate to burn your pretty long hair to ashes"

Patricia tried to release herself from him, but he was too strong for her. "Let me go you jerk!"

Wayne got so mad he lit up his lighter and brought it closer to Patricia's hair. Then he said "So Patricia too Patrician to talk to poor Wayne, eh?"

Kenny jumped in on Wayne and disarmed him before the lighter reached Patricia's hair. Then he said, frightened, "What the heck are you doin' man?! You gone mad?!"

Wayne was literally crazed from the interruption, then he said, trying unsuccessfully hide his anger, "There's something you don't know about me… I don't really need the lighter…"

"Calm dow…" he said before he was completely incinerated by a fireball sent from Wayne's hand.

"Now! Patricia" he shouted in a manner only a deranged person could, "You shall see the true might of the Vulcan" Patricia was horrified by what she saw – Wayne had burst into flames, though he did not seem to care much. His cloths burned completely, leaving him with a fiery textured sleeveless tight shirt, and long fiery textured pants.
His eyes turned inhumanly red.

Patricia tried to run, but she didn't get far.


Allen stepped down the ladder to a dark musty old room. It didn't look more than an abandoned house, he thought. He could see bright light coming from the angles of the closed door. Allen stepped over there and opened it. What he saw, he couldn't believe. It was a large room, filled with all sorts of gadgets and devices he had no idea what they could ever be used for.

Aero-Man was sitting next to a small coffee table at the far corner of the room. In the middle of the room stood a very big person (Allen thought he was at least 6'5, though he was never good at estimating lengths). The person was wearing a dark-grey medieval-looking armor and armored pants, a black medieval-looking helmet, a black cape, and he was holding a very large War Hammer with beautiful signs all over it.

Next to the man with the Hammer, was standing a magnificent person. The thing that was so magnificent about him was that he was completely made out of diamond. His entire body was covered with a black ninja outfit, besides in between his waists to his hips - where he had no cloths, and you could see the blue sparkling diamond. It was truly magnificent.

Allen was shocked once again that day.

"Greetings" said the large man in the chainmail. He had a deep soothing voice.

Allen wanted to ask them some question about what had happened to him and who were they, but before he could speak, he felt a strong pain in his heart and fainted.

When Allen woke up, he was lying in a bed without a blanket and a fully working air conditioner right above him. Surprisingly, he felt cozy.

He noticed someone sitting in a chair sleeping right aside him. He was about 5'9 and it looked to Allen he had been working out a lot. The man had white hair, though he was obviously young, perhaps in his late twenties Allen thought. He was wearing a thick coat. Allen saw a black mask on the desk near the man and a black armor with runes all over it. The armor had a black Spade with white outlines in the middle of it, and was lying on the ground next to the man.

Allen got up, noticing he was wearing cloths a tad too big to fit him. He lifted his shirt to see the holes he had in his chest earlier. To his surprise, they were gone without a trace.
He looked at the sleeping man, wondering what to do. Eventually he said quietly "Excuse me…?" and touched the man's leg.

The man woke up immediately, subsequently falling off of his chair. The white-haired person got up and hurried out of the room. Allen heard him saying "He's awake, I fell asleep".

Right afterwards a large man came into the room, Allen guessed him to be the man with the Hammer and chainmail he saw before he passed out, though right now he was wearing a blue sweater and Jeans. The large person had long brown hair and severe face; though Allen knew right away he was a good person.
After him came inside the room - The newly awaken person, a man with rigid face, a small brown beard and short brown hair, and a tall man with black hair and a smile; Allen knew right ahead who that was.

The large man sat on the chair near the bed and said, "I see you have woken up, you slept the entire day"

Allen didn't answer, he was sitting in bed looking at all the strange people he had just met and thinking what the heck is going on.

After a short pause in which no one spoke, the large man introduced everybody, "I am War-Hammer, you can call me Nelson, or Nessie – whatever you want. This is Johnny" he pointed on the man with the brown hair and rigid face, "He's the one you saw made out of Diamond earlier, that is why he is called Diaman.

Allen opened his mouth in amazement, reviewing Johnny from top to bottom trying to find a shred of diamond.

Nessie laughed with his deep voice, "He can turn himself into Diamond, right now he's flesh and bones!"

"Anyway" he cleared his throat and pointed at the man with the coat and white hair, "That is Black-Spade, though his real name is David. He was supposed to watch you while you were asleep"

David looked at the rug on the floor, trying to hide the fact he was blushing out of shame.

"No matter" said Nessie, "And this is Joey, but I believe you have already been acquainted"

Joey winked towards Allen and smiled even more.

"Let's get him out of bed and give him some food, the kid looks starving" Joey said.

"Good Idea" agreed Johnny with his calm voice.

The gang went out of the room and walked down the hall, entering a kitchen with a big elliptic table in the middle.
They sat down and while David was making dinner, they talked.

"Just wait, our David is a great cook" said Joey.

Allen smiled, but was too anxious to find out everything so he didn't start a conversation with Joey about David's cooking skills. Eventually he said "What is this place? And who are you guys? Some kind of a super hero charity thing?"

War Hammer laughed. "Not at all young man, not charity"
Allen stopped him "It's Allen, stop calling me 'young man', it's depressing"

"Ok, Allen" War Hammer continued, "At first, we were just a few people wanting to make a safe haven for Super Heroes who don't want to waste their lives helping people they don't know"

"But then" Joey interrupted him, "We heard about Frusciate Inc., and we heard they were trying to create super heroes for their private use. So we changed our policy and our name to 'The Avengers'. We tried to free some of the people they kidnapped, but until today we didn't have much success…"

"It was, and still is – 'Join or die'" Nessie continued, "They were killing whoever didn't accept their tyranny over them. You were the first one we managed to save"

"Oh, thanks, I assume" said Allen, still a bit confused, "but what exactly did they do to me?"

"We don't exactly know what they're doing in there, but from what I saw" said Joey, "They gave you some sort of Freezing powers"

"Don't worry about your powers" War Hammer reassured him, "We'll help you find all that out soon"

Right when David came with the trays, a screeching alarm sounded, following by a voice saying "Avengers to control room, ASAP"

"Looks like there's no time for food" said Joey and everybody got up.

"Stay here, we'll be back" Nessie told Allen, "Don't leave the structure"

They all left the kitchen, leaving Allen alone.

To be continued…

Chapter 3
After Allen finished his food (and a bit of spade's too, he was famished) he sat in the kitchen for a while, waiting for the gang to come back. Eventually he got tired of waiting, and came out of the kitchen to look for something to do. He had slept a very long time and he felt rather energetic.

The hallway was a long grey corridor, with consecutive lights every 2ft. The floor had white shiny floor patterns. Allen walked out of the kitchen, hesitating a bit on where he should go. Finally he decided to go to the left, since he came from one of the rooms on the right.
He started walking towards the farthest door, which looked a bit more terrifying than the others. It looked like it had a stronger build, and it was black, unlike the other light-grey doors.
When Allen got to the door, he heard some noise coming from within. It was a very low tone, but apparently the door was too thick to actually hear anything.

Allen tried to open it, but it was locked. At first he thought to use his powers in order to get in, but then he gave up the idea because he didn't want The Avengers to know he opened locked doors.
He stood there for about a minute, thinking how to open the door without shattering it completely. Just when he was about to give up and go back to the kitchen and wait, he noticed there was actually a very small key in the keywhole.

"Huh" he thought to himself, "Things are always under your nose when you least expect them"

Allen turned the key, put his hand on the handle and slowly turned it. The room he entered was exactly like his room. He didn't see anybody, though the lights were on.
He got into the room, surveying the area for any suspicious stuff which will call the need for a huge locked door to be guarding the room. He was going through the desk, and he saw a lot of pink girly stuff.
Suddenly, while he was turning to the bed, a cat jumped on it. The cat was amazingly beautiful to Allen. It had black and white patterns all over it, and he had deep silver eyes. Allen felt like he was hypnotized by the beauty. After a few seconds they both stared at each other, the cat jumped off the bed, and ran out of the opened door Allen left. Allen was startled from this sudden jump, and he instinctively tried to freeze the cat before he could get out of the room. But by the time the ice got to where the cat was; the cat was out of the room.

Allen freaked out, both because he lost the cat, and both because he froze a part of the door.
He ran as fast as he could after the cat, accidentally blasting the frozen door into pieces. When he got into the hallway, he noticed the cat's tail going into the kitchen.
He ran inside, finding it in the middle of the kitchen staring at him.
Allen stepped forward to get the cat, but before he knew it, the cat was fading away. Its faded figure turned into the figure of a human being, and then unfading. Allen found standing in front of a naked beautiful teenage girl.

The girl immediately took a table cloth and wrapped herself with it. Allen realized he was staring, so he turned his head away. He heard her giggling in embarrassment.

"Wh.. what…? Who are you?" he said, blushing into the point in which he looked like a tomato.

"Cellest is my name, if that was your question" she replied, "and you can look now"

Allen hesitated for a moment, and turned his head back to look at Cellest.

She had a great figure (that he could see even earlier). She had long black hair, and a beautiful face. But the thing he noticed the most, was her silver eyes. Again, he found himself staring at her eyes.

"I'm Allen" he said quickly after he got himself together, "What are you doing here? Why were you locked in that room?"

Cellest looked quite jovial until he asked that last question, at which point she slightly frowned and looked on his socks instead of on his face.

"I did something wrong by breaking in here" she replied.

"Why?" he asked her.

"Because… the professor made me…" she said.

"The professor?" he asked, "Are you working for him? He's a very bad man!"

"I know… but It wasn't really me who did it…" she said slowly, "you see, he planted something in the back of my head" she pointed on the back of her head with her spare hand, "and when he activates it I can't control my actions"

"Oh" he said, while thinking whether he should believe her or not. He remembered what his uncle always told him when he was a kid – 'Never trust a beautiful woman', but it's possible that he said that only because his wife cheated on him.
Do you have some cloths in your room? I hate to see you in that table cloth all day" he lied; he could look at her in that towel all day and not get bored.

"Sure!" she said eagerly, "I'll get dressed and then we'll eat a bit?" she gestured at the food on the table, "I haven't eaten anything today!"

"Sure" he smiled, "I'm starving!" he lied again, he had eaten quite a lot before he stepped in her room.

She ran to the door of the kitchen and turned to the left. Allen sat down, and after about 5 minutes she came inside the room with green jeans and a pink blouse.
While she was sitting in front of him she took a hair clip and made a pony tail.

Allen didn't eat much, but Cellest really looked like she was starving. She ate all of Nessie's and Johnny's plates.
After they finished, they started talking.

"So what brings you here?" she asked Allen.

"I was also a prisoner of Professor Goldberg, but I managed to escape before he put that thing in my neck"

"Lucky you…" she said with a crooked mouth, "I was on my way to school when a van stopped by me and they kidnapped me"

"I kind of brought myself to it, apparently they had a lab beneath the basement of my school, and I fell through the floor" he said.

Cellest looked at him for a second, and then suddenly she grabbed the back of her head and twitched in great pain.
Allen didn't know what to do, and just as he got up she stopped twitching. Suddenly she got up from the chair with a fierce look in her eyes.

"You are mine" she said, but Allen was sure it wasn't really her talking.

Then she held up her hands, and from under her nails she switched out a long set of very sharp fingernails (it looked more like knives to Allen).
A second after she took her nails out, she jumped a superhuman jump over the table, storming at Allen with her nails.

Allen managed to evade her, but as soon as she landed she scratched him a very deep scratch in his forearm. Allen didn't loose his cool, and he didn't want to freeze her because he didn't want to hurt her.
He ran across the table so he would use it as a partition in between them. Cellest jumped on the table without even making it shake (it was quite decrepit), then she jumped on him and nailed him to the ground.

To be continued…

Chapter 4

"Mom!" Wayne said eagerly, "I'm home!"

Wayne's mother came out of the kitchen to the living room, where Wayne was standing, and hugged him with a big kiss on the cheek.
"How was the school trip?" she asked him, smiling.

"It was marvelous!" he lied, the truth was he was outside the last two days, drinking.

"Oh, that's good, real good!" she said, "Do you want something to eat?"

"Nah, I'm good, I ate something on the bus" he replied.

He went upstairs over to his room, thinking about what he had done yesterday. At first he though it was terrible, but afterwards he started to believe it was fun, and he planned on doing some more of these terrible things.

After playing with some fireballs in his room, he decided he'll go have some fun outside. He put on his Vulcan costume, and flew outside the window. "Professor Goldberg has done so much for me!" he thought, "Not only he gave me the ability to create and manipulate fire, but he also gave me the ability to fly! And all that only so I'll help him when he asks me too… what a sucker!"

He flew a long way, looking for an interesting thing to destroy and demolish. Eventually he got tired and landed on a rooftop of some skyscraper in the city (he flew a long way, since he lived in the suburbs area.
From the top he looked down, seeing a homeless person. The man was sitting there with his cart full of cans and some bags.
He could feel the fire spreading through his blood, making him crave for the death of that single homeless person.
He jumped down towards the man, landing right beside him.

"Have you come to help me, young man?" the old homeless said, startled a bit.

"Oh yes, help you" Vulcan replied, quite amused by the man's helplessness.

He didn't want to do it in front of all those people, in case a super hero was around, so he lied to the poor man saying he has a safe place for him to live in one of the nearby alleys.
When they got to the alley, Wayne started laughing like the madman that he was, right before he sent a huge flame from his mouth to slowly consume the homeless' body.
After a brief period of time the man was screaming of pain, his body was completely burned and corrupted.

Wayne got a huge thrill out of that. He decided harm is what he does, and super hero is not for him. He would rather become a super villain.
Every time he used his powers for evil he felt a surge of awesome power inside him, giving him a feeling of superiority above all – he liked it.

Wayne didn't want to return home, he wanted to continue this feel, so he kept on prowling the streets looking for helpless people to burn.
Cellest looked at Allen with a lifeless look, it was like she had no life in her at all. She just brought her claws to be deeply injected into Allen's artery in his throat, when Allen's heart dropped to his pants.
A giant hammer came from beneath Cellest, hitting her in the stomach. She was leaning on Allen, who was lying on the ground because she nailed him to the floor. She flew several feet high, hitting the wall and breaking some tiles.
After he got himself together, Allen saw it was War Hammer who had smacked the hell out of Cellest, and that she was sitting (probably unconscious) helplessly against the wall.

"Are you mad?!" Allen said furiously while he got up quickly to check up on Cellest.

"You're welcome" War Hammer replied with a surprised voice.

Allen saw she was alive and breathing, though she had been knocked out pretty bad. He lifted her (she wasn't that heavy) and carried her to her room, putting her on her bed.
Blackspade asked him to come out of the room, and he locked the door after Allen got out, this time putting the key inside his pocket below his armor.

"Why did you lock her like that?" Allen asked helplessly.

"Are you blind?" David asked rhetorically, "she just tried to kill you, and she would have succeeded if we wouldn't have come back on time!

"It wasn't her fault!" Allen shouted, then correcting himself to a more peaceful tone, "she was possessed by that professor from Frusciate"

"Well, her fault or not, she is dangerous until we manage to find a way to take off that thing from her neck"

Allen returned to his room, upset by the conditions Cellest has to suffer because of the Avengers. Though he knew it was actually the Professor's fault, he felt the need to blame someone closer to him at the moment.

After a while, he came out of the room, looking for something to do (he was awfully bored). He saw one of the doors in the corridor was slightly open, so he went to it and opened it a bit more so he could see what was going on.

The room was a very large which had very bright lights. It had dozens of both melee and ranged weapons all over. It had mattresses all over, and all sorts of gymnastics and muscle building devices. It looked very high-tech to him.

All of the gang was there, wearing normal cloths. Nessie was monitoring everyone's actions, while lifting huge weights himself; though it didn't look he was making that much of an effort doing so. Joey was brawling with David with all sorts of melee weapons. Of course David had the upper hand because his specialty was to combat using martial arts; even though his true strength and agility came from his magical armor. Johnny was sitting on a small chair on the side, drinking coffee and reading a book. He didn't need much training since his power didn't require him to be nimble, and strength wasn't a problem since he was already made of diamond during combat.

War Hammer noticed Allen at the doorstep, signaling him to come inside with his hand, while holding the gigantic weight in the other.
Allen stepped inside and stood near Nessie.

"Let's leave what happened with Cat aside for a moment, we need you to focus on developing your powers and learning more about them, so you can help us against Frusciate Inc. and their Super Villains" he said calmly with his deep voice.

"Ok…" Allen agreed, "Where do we begin?"

"At the basics, Allen" he smiled widely, " At the basics…"

To be continued…

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Chapter 5

It was Saturday morning; Allen woke up and got himself a bowl of cereal. Two weeks have passed since he met The Avengers. Every day after school he would go for a few hours of training in their secret headquarters. Of course his parents didn't know about it, and he wasn't about to tell them any time soon.
He would visit Cellest each time, though since the incident in the kitchen there was always someone watching them.

After his breakfast, Allen told his parents he's going to his friend's house. Obviously it was a lie – he went to The Avengers' HQ.
When he arrived at the compound, Blackspade waited for him at the training room.

"Hey" said David, "ready for some *** kicking?"

"Nah" Allen replied with a wink, "I'll let you down easy today"

David wasn't wearing his magical armor, but he was still a very rough adversary.
They both faced each other and bowed. After a two-second pause of staring at each other, wondering what they will do next, David swinged at Allen's face. Allen used to fall for that, but he was quicker and more trained than he was when they started.
Allen ducked, sending a powerful punch at David's chin. David fell off his feet, hitting the mattress that was all over the room.

"You ok?" said Allen, chuckling. It was actually the first time he had managed to knock David out.

"Yeah, yeah. Nice one." David replied, while getting up.

"How'bout we try it ag..." Allen started saying, though David had kicked him in the stomach, making him fly a few feet off the ground. Luckily he managed to grab one of the ladders that were stationed around the gym.

"Always be on your guard, kid" David laughed.

"Shut up…" Allen said, climbing down the ladder.

Suddenly, the alarm went off.

"Damn it!" David shouted, "the guys aren't here, they went to one of the hazard zones to catch someone. You need to come with me"

"But I can't use my powers in public… people would recognize me!"

"Don't you worry about that, Nelson had our tailor make you an extra-special suit. It was supposed to be a surprise, but this is an emergency"

They both went out of the gym. David went into one of the doors in the corridor. Allen could see several suits of each of the members. After a few seconds David went out of the room with a carton box.
"Go put it on" he said.

Allen took the box and went to his room.
After a few minutes he came out. He had a chitin armor-suit. It was mostly Navy blue, though it had four sky blue stripes on the shoulders and on the bottom of the stomach. He wore a mask that covered his face, excluding eyes and mouth. On top of everything, he also had spikes on the angles of his metallic boots and gloves.

David also handed him some device to put on his mouth – Ever since he got his powers, each time he used them he felt breathing difficulties, like an asthma attack, only a bit harsher – So he could breath normally even when using his powers.
Above the suit, he had a belt with a special shiny blue stone on it. This stone was given to him by David (Allen couldn't figure out where David could have found such a thing) to lower the temperature around him, so he won't feel like being in a hot stew all the time.

David waited for him wearing his costume and armor.
They ran in the aisle, till they got to a door at the end of it. This door led to a situation room. It had a lot of monitors and police scanners. Chu, their secretary, was sitting there.

"There's a report of some maniac burning homeless people" Chu explained, "He is doing that for weeks now, but now a police chopper spotted him on a roof of a 20-story building with a person".

"Alright" said David, "We're heading there"

They ran out of the complex. David leaped a superhuman jump onto a tall house. He was about to continue running when he remembered Allen can't do that. He jumped down, grabbed Allen and jumped back up.

Eventually they got to the sky scraper Vulcan was standing on, holding a homeless man hostage. They went up the elevator, ignoring the SWAT team on the ground floor.

David told Allen to stay put, while he was climbing the stairs to the roof, to check it out.
Vulcan was standing there laughing like a madman shouting slurs towards the police who were down on the sidewalk, trying to reason with him. The hostage was sitting scared as hell right beside Vulcan.

"Ok" whispered David to Allen, "This guy's dangerous, especially to you".

"So what do we do?"

"We don't do anything" snapped David, "I will take care of him".

David climbed to the roof quietly, leaving Allen peeking from the entrance.
David advanced swiftly, unnoticed. Eventually he reached a boiler, which he hid behind. He whispered to the hostage to quietly come to him, while Vulcan is busy shouting on the helpless police.
The man started crawling towards Blackspade, though on his way he tumbled enough for Vulcan to notice.

Vulcan was furious. He sent a fireball on the hostage, though David managed to jump and save him. Vulcan was getting more and more angry.
Suddenly a police chopper was drawing near the edge of the building, to land a tactical team. Vulcan fired a massive fireball on it, blowing it up with all the people inside.

Blackspade leaped on Vulcan, and they both rolled like that until they reached the edge of the roof. Vulcan was lucky enough to be on the bottom at the moment, so he kicked David over from the building. Luckily, David managed to grab the edge.
Vulcan got up feeling triumphal, and was just about to step on Blackspade's fingers – forcing him to fall. His plan was terminated as quickly as it was thought of – Allen hit him with frost, knocking him to the ground.
Allen quickly ran to David and helped him up. Vulcan recovered from the blow, and stood up in rage. He then sent a fireball on Allen, though he managed to get out of the way.
Vulcan decided he was outnumbered, but he swore to himself he will kill Allen.

"We will meet again, Icy wimp!"

Vulcan lifted to the air. Allen wasn't going to give up, he ran as hard as he could and grabbed Vulcan's feet. Wayne was getting a kick out of it, he flew as fast as he could upwards, while trying to shake Allen off him. Allen knew he would surely die if he'd let go.

Eventually, though, he slipped off Vulcan's feet. Vulcan laughed crazily, watching Allen fall to his death.

To be continued...

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Chapter 6

Back at the Avengers' base
Cellest paced back and forth in her room, trying to figure out a way out of the room, she wanted to tell Allen she was sorry. Eventually she gave up trying to find anything to stuff inside the keyhole; she simply took a chair and threw it on the window. The chair shattered the wooden blinds.
The window was very narrow, but Cellest managed to slip through it. She found herself holding a drainpipe 50 feet in the air. Swiftly she slid down it, thinking what to do next. Cellest didn't want to be controlled again by the professor, so she decided she would go over to Frusciate Inc. and bring them down. She wasn't positive on how she is intending on doing that, but she went on anyway.


Allen certainly was not in position to think of a way out of this jam, mostly because the jam was actually falling from a very high altitude. He slightly relied on Aeroman to come pick him up, like the time he jumped out of the Frusciate building.

Aeroman, as expected, was a no-show. But something else occurred the moment Allen was 5 feet off the ground – he stopped.
Allen simply stopped mid-air. At first he thought he was dead, but the sight of Vulcan laughing like a maniac – who still didn't get the fact Allen was no longer plundering to his ultimate death – brought Allen back to his senses.
At first he didn't try to do anything, but after a few seconds he tried to straighten himself up (he was laying in the air, facing upwards). After a few rolls he managed to look like he was standing (only he was hovering 5 feet above the ground.

By then, Wayne realized Allen had not been splattered all over the sidewalk, and took a wild expression of amazement and anger over his face.
Allen understood he was actually flying, and was thrilled about it – he had always wanted to be able to fly.

Allen lifted himself higher, familiarizing himself with the basic maneuvers of his newly discovered capability. After a short while of flying in circles around a few buildings he managed to control his flying.

Allen looked up towards Vulcan – who was still astonished by the fact Allen was not dead – and flew upwards at great velocity. It didn't take Vulcan much time before he came to his senses and tried to escape the incoming teenager, though it did not do him much good. Allen had punched Wayne in the stomach, making him lose his focus and plunging down.

Vulcan landed straight on a rooftop of a high building. He laid there for a minute or so holding his stomach in great pain, and then got up and flew away slowly.
Allen could have easily gotten him, but he decided to fly over to Blackspade and see if he was ok.

"Holy moly!" yelled David in amazement, "what was that?"

"What was what?" asked Allen, as if he didn't know what David was talking about.

"How did you fly like that?"

"I don't know… I just did"

"They probably added your genetic structure gravity corrective builder controlled by the brain" David said.

Allen nodded affirmatively, though he had no idea what David was talking about.

"Let's head back; we need to tell the guys what went on. And besides, I'm starving…"

To be continued…

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