Wisp of a Dream




Sometimes I dream. Sometimes I live in a dream. Sometimes my dreams spill out of me and into the world, like the breath that keeps me alive.

My name… I don’t have a name, but you can call me Wisp. I know very little about my origins. I grew up in an orphanage in Yakutia. I used to watch the ice paint rainbows on the window panes, and seal them shut. I used to watch the steam of my breath linger in the air, drawing figures that would slowly dance away. I used to dream watching those figures. Then, one day, as I was looking at my breath I started to daydream. I was thinking of a woman, an actress that I had seen on the TV a few days before. I was fourteen, and I could not shake her image off my mind. It was like a trance, and then something started to happen. The little cloud of my breath started to shimmer, to look less rarified. Colors started to tinge the cloud, first timidly, then with more substance. The wisp of steam started to change into a voluptuous figure, dancing before my eyes. I thought I saw her wink, and then it all disappeared. I was alone again. I did not want to be alone.

Fast forward to the future. The future is Paragon City, the future is now. My dreams follow me, my dreams and my nightmares. Wisps of dreams, breathed into the world. They bring fear in the heart of villains, comfort in the heart of those in need. I paint the darkness in vibrant colors, and dream for all to see.

(to be continued)



A bit vague, even for a beginning story...has potential though, if you answer a few more specific questions about your character. Where is Yakutia, and how did she wind up an orphan? How did she get these odd wisp-oriented powers?

Hope to see you clear up your character a bit in your next installment, and fulfill the potential of your story!