Amun-Re's arrival.....




"Ok, bring the truck back slowly....slowly.....that's it....good."

The voice of the head mover from the National Museum of Ancient History could be heard easily over the back up "beep" from the large truck that just pulled into the Paragon City Museum.

Inside the truck were hundreds of artifacts from the Valley of the Kings, an burial ground for the royalty of Ancient Egypt. Several complete sets of Coptic Jars (used by the Egyptians to hold organs from the mummified), small carvings and statuary, large wall plaques of hieroglyphics are part of the exhibit. Along with a complete sarcophagi with its mummy still intact.

"The Valley of the Kings - An Exhibit of Egyptian Burial Practices" had been announced for many months. The historians and scientists overseeing the exhibit were all in attendance waiting for the pieces to arrive. Since the exhibit was to be on display for only a short time before moving to another large city, they wanted to get as much time as possible to examine them.

A distant peel of thunder caught everyone’s attention. The air smelled moist, which meant a heavy downpour would be here soon.

"Unload the truck quickly. The National Museum would be very upset if any of the artifacts got damaged in the rain." Dr. Jacobsen, head of Anthropological Studies at Paragon City University, spoke rapidly.

As the movers began to unload the artifacts, several other people were in attendance that were not on the list of invitees....

"Master, they've begun to unload the truck. We can see the Pharaoh’s sarcophagi. It is intact"

"Very good. When it is off the truck, you may begin."

"Yes Master."

Eventually, the large golden sarcophagi of the Pharaoh was unloaded. It took all 10 movers to move such a heavy object. The sarcophagi was around nine feet long, and nearly half as high. It was covered in gold and gemstones. The outside had several carvings on it of a young man riding his chariot into battle, fighting off a large crocodile, and sitting upon a throne. Many rows of hieroglyphics were engraved on the surface as well. The top had what appeared to be a head with a long square beard upon it. Two slender hands were holding the symbols of rulership, a crooked staff and a three-balled flail, crossed over the body.


Several men in long robes all of a sudden appeared around the movers.

"Its the Circle of Thorns!! Call for help!!"

Within a split second, all the movers were dead from a massive magical assault. The historians began to take off running, but were no match for the robed magi as they quickly subdued them from a distance with another magical blast.

The sarcophagi was dropped to the ground with a large thud once the movers were killed.

Four of the robed men began to chant a spell that lifted the sarcophagi off the ground. As they began to slowly move it toward their leader, they failed to notice that a large gem on the forehead on the bust of the Pharaoh began to softly glow.......


"Excellent. My master will be pleased. We cannot move this by teleportation, or we would damage the special contents inside. Put it in the truck. We must head back."

Gently, the magi moved the sarcophagi into the truck and lowered it to the ground. Once there levitation spell stopped, the gem stopped glowing.

Quickly, they made they way to a hidden location deep within Perez Park. The magi again cast a levitation spell on the sarcophagus as they moved it into the cave underneath the park. Again...the gem glowed softly....


"Master, they have arrived. Now the secrets of the Ancient Magi will be ours. Soon, MAGI will be unable to stop us."

"Agreed my pupil. You have done well. Now, let us see the secrets of the Egyptian Mages....."

The Master began a chant, as he did his pupil and the other mages began to chant with him. As the chant continued, the gem on the bust began to glow brighter and brighter. The lid at first shook, then was torn off in a wave of magical energies.

As the Pupil and the other magi continued their chant, the Master began a new one. The mummy began to lift out of the sarcophagi. The mummy was about six and half feet long, and in very poor condition. The bandages were falling off in patches and bone was exposed in other areas.

Once the mummy was out of the sarcophagi, all the mages picked up the chant of the Master. Tendrils of greenish energy began to form from each of their staves and wrap around the mummy. As they did, the mummy rotated and stood erect in the air, high above the sarcophagi.

The volume of the chanting started to rise. From what was once just above a whisper had reached to a yell, then to scream.

Then, the Master broke from the chant once again and cast his own separate spell. A thin beam of dark energy streamed from his staff and struck the mummy square in the chest. The mummy's head jerked back in response and its arms began to extend....


"Amun-Re...Amun-Re...I call thee forth the lands of slumber...awaken and share with me your magical secrets...come forth Amun-Re...arise and become my magical servant..."

The wrappings on Amun-Re began to glow, then slowly disintegrate. The exposed bone began to be covered with muscle, then skin. As the magi continued their chant, hair started growing upon Amun-re's head as well as his beard. Upon his skin, tattoos were seen, ancient symbols carved into the flesh with special inks. Once the tattoos were restored, they started to softly glow.

Then, Amun-Re opened his eyes.......


The master continued his chant to bind Amun-re. As he did, you could see Amun-Re's eyes begin to glaze over, his face was becoming slack jawed, his spirit was failing.

Then, from the lid of the sarcophagus, the gem that was on the forehead of the bust flew out of its socket, and into the forehead of Amun-re. It eventually disappearing underneath the flesh.

At once, his eyes cleared, his jaw stiffened, and Amun-re looked around at his surroundings.....


The Master felt his control over Amun-re slipping. He began to chant louder. He send another blast of dark energy toward Amun-Re. Out of his forehead a golden beam met the dark energy and dissipated it.

Amun-Re began to cast a spell of his own. From his fingertips, small blazes began to appear. Then, as he put his hands together a long thin blast of fiery energy erupted and struck the Master square in his chest, knocking him back, causing his chant to stop.

The pupil began a spell of his own, sending a wave of energy toward Amun-Re. Amun-Re in return put the Pupil into a ring of fire, which broke his concentration and left his momentarily paralyzed.

Amun-Re then began to glow with a fiery aura, forcing back the other magi. Out of nowhere a sword of flames appeared and cut a wide swath around him, burning all the magi and stopping all of the from chanting.

Then, Amun-re spoke. At first, his language was that of a far away place, but as he continued, the words changed, became understandable.

"...and you will forever burn in the heat of the Sun God for thinking you could ever control the Son of the Gods!"

He then extended his arms out and slammed his hands together hard while chanting. A massive fiery explosion, centered on the Master and consuming the Pupil and the other Magi, engulfed the room in flames.

Amun-re slowly walked out of the room, exhausted. As he exited the room, the gem within his forehead pulsed once more, and he disappeared.....