Grandpappy's Bride, Moonshine and the Military




I ain't as fancy as y'all, with all them purty clothes and flashy beams and what-not. I came here to Paragon City because I ain't considered no freak, hell I'm about the most regular man wandering these here streets. All these bugs an aliens an women who would be durn good looking if'n they weren't blue or on fire or what-not. I'm more of a country man when you get right down to it.

Sum folks around here wonder what a man like me is doing in the city in the first place. I'ma here because of a promise to my pappy. My pappy was the first one to get the gift because my grandpappy supposedly shacked up with an alien from another planet. I always thought they was pullin' my leg because I never seen no alien or strange happenings cuz I only ever knew my granny that grandpappy married after my alien granny went away.

Now I was tellin' a bit of a white lie when I said thar weren't no strange happenings. Many a night my grandpappy would get into the family recipe and then run around in the woods with a bathrobe on screamin' alien granny's name and my pappy would have to track down the ol'man with his huntin' dogs and carry grandpappy a kickin' and a screamin' back to his house.

And then there were my pappy. He was a good man, and he was tough as nails. My pappy couldn't be hurt at all, bullets would bounce, knives would bend, saws would break. Grandpappy would say with pride that them were the alien genes workin' in my pappy. My pappy's pals liked it when he would be sippin' on some of the family recipe and then let the ol'boys start shootin' and stabbin' him and what-not. Hell, my pappy's friend Wayne hit him with his truck and ended up havin' five hundred dollars worth of damage while pappy didn't get one scratch.

When I turned 15 I got the power too. My pappy was so proud, and he learned me how to use the power and discovered that I had gotten somethin' more from alien granny. If'n I concentrated real hard I could make my hands light up as bright as the sun! If'n I hit anything when my hands were all lit up I could mess it up real good. Soon I was drinkin' the family recipe with my pappy and his friends and pullin' all kinds of stunts that didn't seem so smart once I'd wake up the next day with a mean hangover.

My ma smacked the tar out of me and my pappy fer what we did, but she let it go on. The worst day in my life was when ma passed away from the cancer. My pa changed after that day too, he started thinkin' on how we weren't doin no good works with our powers, and that there must be somethin better to do than to amuse his pals when we were all drinkin'. When Pappy got sick he sat me down and asked me to make a promise.

Pappy wanted me to do somethin more than he did, and when he passed he asked me to go and help people that weren't as fortunate as we was. After he passed on I signed up fer the military, and went into the supers force attached to the marines.

People at home was good to me because I dun growed up there, but they still was afraid of what me and my pappy could do, never quite felt normal until I was surrounded by other super powered folk.

That were difficult for me, considering that being normal meant being around all these crazy lookin' folk that could fly or throw fireballs or just plain dressed strange. I would like drinkin with the folk that could freeze things because I could always serve the family recipe at the proper temperature.

Now, I'ma not the kind of man that looks down on city folk and city livin', but y'all can't handle the family recipe!

Me and one of them fire starters was sippin the family recipe and he got so out of his head that he went back to his house and burned the dang thing down! I still have a good chuckle about that from time to time.

After I got out of the military I sat down and thought real hard on what I should do next, how to keep the promise I made to my pappy. That is what led me here, to Paragon City, where the trees are small and the skyscrapers run off as far as the eye can see.

So if'n you are in Paragon City and lookin' for trouble I'll be there, and I'll beat the holy livin' tar out of you son.






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