Midnight Void's creation.




OK, be gentle. I am not much of a writer and didnt intend on coming up with backround stories on my chars. However last night I had trouble falling asleep and the stories came to me. Hehe. Here is the first, on my main..Midnight Void, Scrapper (Dark/Regen). Pic here: http://mysite.verizon.net/res1x7iz/s...dnightvoid.jpg


Jack Hoffman just got off of his patrol. Still in uniform he went to pick up his beloved wife from work to walk her home, as he always did. He met his beautiful wife and proceeded to stroll home on this lovely evening. The two talked about their day when two muggers jumped out of the shadow, pointing weapons at them. Jack’s hand was itchy thinking about his service revolver strapped at his side. “Better not”, he thought to himself, “The only important thing is the safety of my wife”. “Here is my wallet, honey give them your purse, we don’t want any trouble”, Jack told the muggers. “Wish it were that simple”, the mugger replied, "we came for your life". Jack then realized this was about the trial he was going to testify at. He knew that crime lord wasn’t going to go down easy. Like a fast draw westerner, Jack quickly drew his revolver shooting them twice each in the head, but somehow the muggers were unaffected. Jack had heard about these seemingly invulnerable new criminals. He shot his last two shots on the one closest to him, nothing. They shot back, all is black, all if fading.

Beep, beep, beep. What’s this sound? Where am I? “Aghhhh!” Jack screams as the memories of the event came flooding back in his mind.

“Where is my wife!”, Jack demanded.

“Calm down sir, you just came out of a very long coma”, replied a nurse rushing to him.

“What? How long have I….where is my wife, is she OK?”.

“I’m sorry Jack, your wife is dead”.

“No, can’t be..can’t”, Jack pleaded as a tear rolled down his face. “I need to visit her, where is she buried?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this Jack”, said the nurse softly.

“Tell me? Tell me what? Just tell me!”

“Your wife’s body disappeared in the morgue.”

“What! How can that be! We have to find her. I have to find her”, Jack said struggling to stand up.

“Jack, that was over two years ago. Your partners in the force have already done everything they could to find her. They have found not even the slightest trace.”

“How could that be?” Jack asked as he broke down in tears.

A few weeks later Jack was fully recovered from the hospital. All Jack could do was try to pick up where his fellow officers left off, but there was nothing to pick up on. Jack was falling into a deep depression. This entire thing felt like a nightmare. Jack, trying to get this all straight in his head, just could not. He found himself wondering in the park. “I’m tired” Jack thought, “So tired”. He found a spot on the grass and laid down, staring at the stars. His eyes looking in the midnight sky catches an empty spot, void of stars. “That’s all I am now”, Jack thought to himself”, “I am that void of stars in the midnight sky. All is empty, all is dark.” Jack reached into his pocket, pulled out the very service revolver that failed him many years ago, but was just weeks ago in his mind. His hand gripped the pistol handle firmly, his index finger wrapped around the trigger, the nozzle at his head. His finger started to squeeze the trigger as he was lying there staring into the deep dark void in the night sky, when something started to form out of the void.

“What’s this?” Jack thought.

“There is power in the empty, power in the dark, power in the void” Jack heard, but not with his ears. It was in his mind. Like this thing forming in the void was talking straight to his mind.

“What? Who are you?” Jack asked as he laid the gun down by his side.

“I’m not a who. I am a what, but that is not important. Embrace the void you feel. There is power there. With this power you can battle the very beings that did this to you”, the mystical forum in the night sky said as it faded away.

For some reason Jack understood. He could not explain how. He started accepting his dark, depressed feelings and as he did this he felt different. He looked down at the revolver he was about to end it all with when he notice his skin turned as black as the void in the sky.

“I am that midnight void in the sky”, he thought to himself, “Jack is dead.”



I liked it. Good job Midnight Void.



cool story