The origin of Deathblade




Real Name: Ashley Galbraith

Age: 26

Powers: Fast Healing, Enhanced Reflexes

Origin: Mutant

Ashley Galbraith is different than most mutants in that she wasn’t actually born with her powers. She was working as a secretary in New York City when her boss saw an unseen potential in her. Behind his legitimate business his interests lied in genetic experimentation. His goals were to improve on himself, but he needed test subjects first to see if the processes his scientists had developed truly worked. He had Ashley kidnapped and she became his first experiment.

The experiment altered her genetic structure matching her DNA to that of a mutant. He also had the scientists work on her mind making her completely loyal to him. He gave her a pair of gauntlets with long blades at the end of them and made her his personal assassin. He then made his own presence known in the criminal world taking the name Lord Spike.

For almost a year Deathblade served as Lord Spike’s assassin before the effects of the experimentation on her mind started to wear off. The memories of the people she hurt and kill started to drive her insane, and she suddenly disappeared.

Two years Later she resurfaced, this time as a founding member of the Government’s M.C.T. or Mutant Control Taskforce. She agreed to join when they promised to tell her about who she is, something that was long lost to her.

Over the first year of the team’s existence, Deathblade watched as the rest of the original members fall or leave the team for various reasons. On one mission Lord Spike attacked catching the team off guard and recapturing Deathblade.

This time angry about her dissention Lord Spike decided to kill Deathblade. Thinking that MCT was behind her original disappearance though, he decided to kill them too. Lord Spike Destroyed Deathblade’s Gauntlets and tortured her as he left clues for MCT to find them. After a grueling battle Lord Spike was narrowly defeated and Deathblade returned to MCT now wielding a pair of katanas to replace her lost gauntlets.

Her return to the team was short lived though. A week later she began to struggle in a battle. Upon returning to base, the team found out that she was actually pregnant. While it seemed strange that the pregnancy was going so fast, everyone believed that it was due to her healing powers.

The father was a mystery. While it was generally believed that it was her current boyfriend Punchout, she had one night stands with both current teammate Soundwave, and former team leader Super. (I have all these names on Virtue server, so nobody complain that I’m using their characters name!)

It only took a month for the pregnancy to run it’s full course. Shortly after the baby was born Lord Spike showed up claiming the baby as his own. The baby was a genetic experiment, a living being that killed anything it touched. He used Deathblade as the host because her healing powers would keep her alive.

Deathblade and Punchout managed to defeat Lord Spike and his experiment, but Deathblade decided to take some time away from the team. She would return in a few months though. Things went well until the team found out that long time team members Punchout and Mindsweep were actually spies working for Lord Spike. She nearly killed Punchout before she was stopped by Mindsweep.

A few months later Deathblade had apparently sacrificed herself to defeat the Pharaoh, a powerful villain with the ability to control the recently deceased. Nearly a year later someone looking like Deathblade and going by the same name has been seen in Paragon City…