Project Wulf and the Origin of the Rikti Invasion:




Project Wulf and the Origin of the Rikti Invasion:

In 1988, Dr. Brian Webb created the inter-dimensional portal that allowed him and others access to parallel dimensions. Teams of researchers had been sent to many dimensions to explore and gather information. The disastrous result of these excursions involved The Reichsman and his Amerika Korps torturing and killing Dr. Webb and his team, then travelling to Paragon City to wage war.

There was another disastrous result spawned from this inter-dimensional travel that would not be felt for 14 years. One team of researchers had been sent to a dimension populated entirely by an alien race, The Rikti. The aliens had not seemed aggressive, and a trade agreement had been initiated, but the team never returned to that dimension again due to Portal Corp being destroyed by The Reichsman incident.

Apparently The Rikti considered the visit by humans to be a very serious threat, especially after the first contact team did not return. The aliens seized a sample of the visitors' DNA from the skin and hair they left behind. Using advanced genetic and regenerative technology, The Rikti began a series of experiments designed to gather more information about the mysterious human visitors.

Thousands of human babies were produced with various mutations of the original DNA code. These mutations were studied, strengths and weaknesses were discovered, and much knowledge was gained on how to improve and weaken the basic human genetic structure.

While this genetic research was ongoing, other aliens were investigating inter-dimensional travel, and eventually were able to reproduce the portal created by Dr. Webb. This portal linked back directly to the world from which the human visitors originated.

The Rikti leaders came to the decision that it was necessary to strike first at the human world before the humans decided to return in force.

At this time, a new branch of research was initiated, Project Wulf (Watchers Used for Landing Fortification). The Rikti's most powerful psychics donated a sample of their highly evolved brain material to be spliced with mutated human DNA. This produced a number of human babies under the direct control of their donor psychic, with advanced superhuman abilities. These babies were rapidly grown to adulthood and trained in combat over the course of a few years.

In 2001, the first series of five Watchers were sent through the dimensional portal to Paragon City. The psychic bond to their masters was so strong that it traversed the dimensions and was not broken. These Watchers were the eyes and ears of their Rikti masters. They observed the locations of key defense, communication, and political installations.

More Watchers followed and were sent all over the globe. The Rikti had gained scores of invaluable information before the launch of the invasion on May 23, 2002.

Wulf #4:

Wulf #4 was one of the original five Watchers trained and sent to Paragon City in 2001 under the firm control of his Rikti psychic master. Any individual will and personality of his own was completely suppressed under this complete mental domination. He had no past, and seemingly, no future.

On May 23, 2002, Wulf #4 remained amongst the human ranks completely unsuspected by the citizens of Paragon City. His Rikti master arrived in Paragon City in one of the largest assault craft which coordinated the aliens' attacks within the city. Wulf #4 was able to provide information related to the movement of human troops and defenses directly to the control center.

It was at this time that The Statesman, the premiere hero of Earth hurled his body into the Rikti craft containing Wulf #4's master. The craft, along with all the Rikti aboard were destroyed.

The psychic connection between master and slave was immediately severed, and Wulf #4 fell to the ground in shock of the sudden freedom his mind had never known. He crawled into the shadows, frightened and overwhelmed by the severe loneliness of a consciousness so suddenly torn from his own. Whimpering, and oblivious to the war raging around him, Wulf #4 was fighting an internal battle, trying to make sense of his chaotic and ravaged mind.

Over the next few months, as the humans fought on against the alien invaders, Wulf was able to salvage some shred of sanity from the remnants of his torn psyche. Now that it was no longer suppressed, a strong will emerged which would not allow him to give in to the temptations of insanity.

Wulf could remember everything he'd seen and done under the control of his master, but now he could see everything from a different perspective, unclouded by a dominating will. As well, Wulf retained much of the knowledge his master had, and understood the reasons for his own creation.

At the present, Wulf is still coming to terms with his own humanity, and an inescapable loneliness. He also feels a deep shame for his role in the death of so many people. He has sworn to repay his sins by developing his own superhuman abilities and using these abilities to further the greater good of humankind.