The To-do list before the end




I'm sure many have their own To-Do list to finish before the end. Here's mine. I wonder if anyone would like to join me when I do these:

- First Ward Hamidon Seed zone event (trying to schedule now, see other thread)
- Cathedral of Pain (same)
- Finish Dark Astoria arcs
- Finish First Ward arcs
- start and finish Night ward arcs
- do the Calvin Scott TF from flashback
- maybe help coordinate one final Hami raid for old time's sake (not sure if this will happen)

After this, along with getting my girlfriend's 3rd level 50, I'll probably spend my last weeks on the Beta server running those new story arcs that never made it to live. I'll probably be leveling up a Beam Rifle/Martial Combat blaster along the way as well.

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