FREEDOM Really Hard Way: 17 Nov 2012





Saturday November 17. 7:00PM EST. Will do more runs as needed.

OK Folks, lets go out in style. I wanna take out Tyrant in less than 3 minutes one more time!!!!

To do this like I usually do requires a very prickish set of standards. So I'm gonna give a list of prerequisites. FYI I'm not saying that my way is the be all end all. I am saying that it works, it's efficient, and it GUARANTEES a 3 minute tyrant fight. So it might involve some respeccing of your character. Which given the state of the game shouldn't be that big of a deal long term.

That said, 24 slots. Certain AT's cannot over saturate the trial. So I will post what I need, and it becomes first come first served. If enough want in but can't get in I will reserve them for subsequent runs.

The following is MANDATORY. And by mandatory, you must have it, you must tell me you have it, and if you don't have it, you won't be added. If you have it and don't tell me you have it you won't be added. If you will be working towards some of these things that's ok. I will still add you. But make sure you meet these criteria before the trial date, otherwise I will drop you.

lvl 53.
Barrier Core, Rebirth Radial or Ageless
6 ULTIMATE Inspirations (just in case team implodes)
2 of the first 3 leadership powers (Assault and Tactics preferred)
T4 Drones or Seers.

The following is recommended. While not mandatory, I need to know if you have it or do not have it.
Hybrid Assault or Support.
Call to Justice (hero temp power)

Achilles Heel Or Fury of the Gladiator: Chance for res debuff (for those with defense debuff/AoE powers)

So the ideal reply to this thread would give me all the info I need to plot it for the badge. It would look something like this:

I'd like to join
Das Bones @Yat Man
lvl 53 Fire/Rad Troller
T4 Drones Core
T4 Rebirth Radial
T4 Assault Core
6 Ultimate Inspirations
Achilles Heel Slotted

People always ask me 3 things:
Does leadership matter that much? Yes. Especially Tactics. Pets are -1 level. they need that tohit.
Achilles doesn't stack why use it: Because it has a better debuff effect in a single casting that 8 rad trollers. so if you have 4 going off constantly, it creates a lot of coverage. Coupled with Fury's proc and a tanks bruising, that's a 60% unresistable debuff.
Are you gonna be nekkid? Damn straight.

Below will be the team list, as well as the AT's the trial still needs.
I know its a lot to ask for, but its a tried and true formula. My teams built like this have finished the entire trial while getting the Really Hard Way in 9 minutes. We regularly got the RHW badge with 1 casting of ultimate inspiration. So yeah, I can be kinda an ahole, but I don't like to waste my time or yours. And with so little time left, who else would want to? Hope to see you all there.

Need: (I need all your above info before you are added to the team)

1-2 Rads
1-2 Emps
3-4 Kins
3-5 Corruptors
2 Tanks
1-3 Emps
3-5 Damage dealers

Rads WILL have Achilles Heel proc slotted in Radiation Infection. Those with damage auras are recommended to have Fury proc slotted.




Good luck on your run.