'SAVE CoH' RADIO!!! Oct 5th!




That's right! Another episode of 'SAVE CoH' radio will be on this coming Friday, Oct 5th, 7-8pm est! My guest this time, from the Virtue server, The Cape Radio's very own DJ Templar!


If you can't make it live, you can click on the link anytime and listen to the replay! If you'd like to join the fun in the chat, sign up for a free account. it takes between 2-5 minutes to sign up. You don't have to sign up but 'guests' in the chatroom won't be able to type anything. The chatroom will be open 15 minutes before the show starts. see ya there!

-Pogoman, Master of Kick-Fu
-Co-Leader and recruiting officer of the Virtue Honor Guard
- lvl 50 ma/sr scrapper
-Ace O' Diamonds lvl 50 fire/rad controller
and waaaay to many other alts to mention right now