Exiles of Triumph




Hey Everyone,

Since the game is going down and some of us do not know what to play next, well I have decided to join DCUO and would like to offer you guys/gals an invitation to a new Super Group over there named "Exiles of Triumph". I know DCUO is no where near CoH and will never fill the void this game has meant to me, but it is an alternative for my superhero geek in me to once again play a Hero/Villain. If you decide to play please add Justice Enforcer to your friends list and I will invite you to the SG. Justice Enforcer is on the PvE Server; however you can switch to the PvP server at anytime. I would love to join up and protect the innocent once again with members of the Triumph server!

-Big Soto

Proton Sentry Peacebringer:lvl 50+++ - Human Build / Triform Build
Quasar Sentry Warshade:lvl 50+- Human Build / Triform Build
Red Katipo Arachnos Soldier:lvl 50+++ - Crab Build / Bane Build
Black Katipo Arachnos Widowlvl 50+++ - Fortunata Build / Night Widow Build