Adios Amigos...




The time has come for all of us to part ways and embark on a new adventure, all I have to say is thank you all you made this adventure a great one,

I started to play this game back in march of 2006, It was a dark time in my life I was going thru a divorce and custody battle for my kids, 6+ years have passed and all I can say is thank you, you all made it more easy, I take with me the great memories the new great friends I made that NCsoft cannot take away.

People I remember and give a special thanks to are.
Renegade White, Lizardman, Carrien Ann, JC Angelo, Psyrene, Gavalin Kingsbury, Tapeworm,Tamaki, Cancer, Evil Nor, Hate, Lugnut, Diablo and Wife, Maya Redhand, Taryn, Ventus Vis Vires, Soto, Doc, Hush, and many other than I cannot remember thank you all and thank you Triumph.

@Otelo, @Otelo.
Its not dead, Its Just Resting.
Leader, Loved Or Loathed Villian Group