P.E.R.C. Puzzles Two! (Puzzle Contest)

Madame Pistacio



The Player Event Resource Committee Presents:
P.E.R.C. Puzzles Two!

The last set of puzzles focused on your ability to crack the codes! This time, let's see how good you are at logic puzzles! To finish this grid it will take some patience, logic skills, and knowledge of City of Heroes. Good luck Puzzle Solvers!

This is an individual puzzle contest in which players must use the given clues to complete the logic grid to solve it.


  • All completed puzzles must be submitted online at http://puzzles.coh-perc.com/ or an email attachment to PERC.COH@gmail.com. If you are going to email, it must be an Excel version, not a pdf.
  • If anyone posts answers in this thread or elsewhere on the forums, the contest will be void.
  • Each player may only enter one time, regardless of multiple accounts, however a second entry may be sent if (from the same global name or email) you feel your first entry was incorrect.
  • Entries must include the player's global name.
  • All entries must be received by September 28th at 11:59pm Pacific.
  • Players may use X and O, + and -, or red and green to fill in their grid.
  • Grids must be entirely filled in to be eligible to win.

  • The first 15 people to correctly complete the logic grid will receive 250 million inf.
  • Everyone who enters and has at least 25% of the grid correct will be entered into the mystery drawing.
  • There will be 20 mystery prizes drawn ranging from 25 million inf to expensive IOs (it is a mystery!)
  • All prizes will be delivered via in game email.
CLICK HERE to get an editable version of the puzzle.

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