All good things come too an end I suppose... :(




I never thought that the Game would just shut down like this, I just want to say thank you for all of the years on Pinnacle. I first started playing this Game back in High School and now I'm in my final couple of Semesters of College. I know that some people hate me, some people like me or somewhere in between, but it was a good run.

Oh yeah and I'm only saying a good bye here just because I did spent most of my time here on Pinnacle, so... meh... what the hey, why not.


My Lego Models lemur lad: God you can't be that stupid... I'm on at the same time as you for once, and not 20 minutes into it you give me something worth petitioning?
Lady-Dee: Hey my fat keeps me warm in the winter and shady in the summer.