Saturday Matine - New Years

Callie Sunshine



Apologies for the late post. This week will be a Synapse TF at the usual 1pm eastern time and gathering in Skyway at 12:45.

1. Darkbridger - Kinesis Kai (L20 KM/WP Scrapper)
2. Allyriah - Ally's Got A Gun (L15 Cold/DP Defender)
3. DeathsWhisper - ?
4. CinderSpawn - ?
5. SuperGoober - The Gooberness
6. CallieSunshine - Radiant Infusion (L15 Kin/Rad Defender)
7. MikeHoncho - Dolores Mulva (L50 Fort)



I can bring whatever we need.

Global: @Death's Whisper - When there's trouble you call DW!



Whatever helps.

awakened death 50 necro/dark mm, Necrospider 50 Crabspider, Death's Hunter 50 claw/regen stalker, Inhuman-Rampage 50 DM/WP brute, Xander the Protector 50 Kat/sr scrapper, Phantom Force 50 Ill/Rad Controller, Friendly Persuader 50 Inv/Wm tank
Global: @Cinder Spawn



OMG!!! What incarnate salvage does this DROP!!!! <blink blink>

I will bring the gooberness.

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If there's room, I would love to celebrate the New Year running my baby Kin/Rad Def (level 15), Radiant Infusion, with Sat Mat.



My fort needs this. I can bring Dolores Mulva, lvl 50.

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