New Powers Suggestions/ideas




I figured I can post some of my ideas for new powers, feel free to share your ideas on these powers and what should be there.

Dominator/Controller Primary:

Liquid Control:

power 1: Poison Goo: minor, single target DoT damage (toxic), immobilize

power 2: Sink: moderate single target, damage (lethal), Hold

power 3: Spreading Goo: minor, targeted AoE, damage (lethal), immobilize

power 4/5: Flush: moderate, targeted AoE, damage (lethal), Hold, foe -recharge

power 4/5: Acid Rain: moderate, location AoE, damage (toxic)

power 5/6: Dehydrate: targeted AoE, foe -end, -recovery, -recharge

power 5/6: Water Spout (Captain Mako patron power)

power 7 , 8: ----

power 9: Neptune's Guard: summon pet. Pet powers: Ice Blast, Ice sword, Snow Storm, Spreading Goo, poison goo, ------

Brute/Tanker/Scrapper Armor:
Metal Armor:

Power 1: Iron Pile: Toggle: +res (smash, lethal, toxic) +def (psionics)

Power 2: Ore Armor: Toggle: +Def (energy, neg energy, Psionics)

Power 3: Metal Spikes: Toggle: PBAoE minor DoT (Lethal)

Power 4: Scraps: Click: self +heal

Power 5: Silver Protection: Toggle: +res (mez)

Power 6: Temperature Pewter: Auto: +res (fire, Cold)

power 7: Reflecting Skin: Toggle: special: Every energy, neg energy and psionics attack on you has a chance to deal a bit of that damage to the enemy that attacked with it

Power 8: Metal Sound: Click: PBAoE foe -res, -def

Power 9: Impervium Armor: Click: +res (Mez and all damage but psionics. Defense and res debuff) +def (psionics) and when it runs out it leaves your HP and End low.

These are just a fragment of my ideas. Post your ideas/suggestions, Or fix mine, etc.

P.S. The powers don't have to be in that order except power 9

Main characters:
Shalite - Ninjas/Poison Villain Mastermind. Solo challenger in PvE.
The Gore Melody - Necro/Dark Vigilante Mastermind. Solo challenger in PvE.
Technophile Lila - SJ/Fire Hero Brute. Outstanding Farmer.