Incarnate slotting and the new 3rd build

Adeon Hawkwood



Back when we had only two builds (for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, NEWS FLASH! We now get 3 separate builds to slot up as we like), my main, ninja/storm, had the first build for PvE, mostly focusing on recovery and layering 65% s/l/cold resist with 30% ranged defense to be able to survive waves of mobs without worry.

The second build originally was going to be my "PvP" build, which I was going to use exclusively for fight club in RV, focusing on softcapping s/l damage and debuffing the opponent.

Now that we have incarnate slots (and I know how futile slotting for defense in PvP is... <.< ) along with a third build, I've got to thinking.

What I came up with: my already made first build could be used as my "Defensive" build, mostly for farming, PuGs, soloing x8 and so on. I've got Cardiac Core slotted, and I've been like the energizer bunny ever since.

Another build could be my "Offensive" build (which may or may not be useful in PvP, but I've kinda scrapped the idea of PvP potential), which will slot the Spiritual boost, and care less about defense and lasting and care more about taking out mobs quickly. I could use it for solid groups where I know I'll be taken care of (through def boosts or healing).

The last build could be my "Exemplar" build, that I could use for doing content w/o having an Incarnate slot, like when I run Oro missions or do low level TFs. I could even go as far as to care less about set bonuses and give this whole frankenslotting thing a try.

Of course, getting 2 full builds up and running is going to take forever, but since Stormy Sensei's my main, I think it's good for him to have some long term goals (or, at least, something to keep me busy until we get more Incarnate slots...)

What are some other thoughts on the new potential we've been given?



It's a personal preference but I'm actually favoring Musculature or Nerve for my mastermind rather than Spiritual or Cardiac. Of the boosts Musculature and Nerve are the only ones that really help the pets which helps compensate for the fact that you can't really impove your pet's base effectiveness through IOs. Given that the new TFs are locked to +4 (making them +6 to your T1 pets) the Nerve boost is pretty useful even if you have your pets ED capped for accuracy (and close to essential if you don't) while the Musculature is one of the few ways fo boosting your pet's damage without needing other teammates.



I've got Freezing Rain slotted w/ some defense debuff, so my pets actually had no issues at all hitting the +4s in the Apex TF I did the other night. The only real benefit I'd get from Nerve would be defense for my toggles and freeing up slots for defense debuff in Jounin and mez in Oni (after typing it out, though, that doesn't seem too bad!)

Musculature may also work, especially Radial. I guess I first thought of Cardiac and Spiritual for myself is that I've always thought of myself as a storm def w/ more damage (barring sonic/storm), and not as squishy. I go in w/ my storm debuffs and my pets just so happen to soak up damage for me and kill everything.

What I really wish for in the future will be a way to make pets sturdier w/o outside buffs. In the end, it doesn't matter if that +4 boss misses me w/ his AoE or if he barely scratches me when he hits if it kills at least all my T1 pets every time...