How early to slot for end drain on elec/*?




I just rolled a Electrical Blast/Thermal Radiation corruptor and I'm examining my options.

My Electric Control dominator was a fine sapper for soloing at level 15; my blaster with Electricity Manipulation still doesn't do useful amounts of end drain on minions at 30. Awhile back I teamed with a kin/elec defender whose debuffing & endurance drain were so effective she made most of her teammates extraneous by level 20. I haven't played Electrical Blast myself -- how soon can I start looking to slot End Mod in my elec/therm corruptor?

I'm duoing with a brand-new player who's just rolled a brute so while we're relying on my damage-dealing abilities at the moment, the brute will start coming into her own soon. I was planning on slotting for damage early on and swapping out for end mod around 20, but I was wondering, what would it take to do it earlier?