where or where

Adeon Hawkwood



where or where are all the TA's

lvl 50 Ice/SS (Russian Concussion) lvl 50 ill/rad troller( Fixerr Upper) AV BEAST lvl 50 Dark/Spines ( Line Backer Blitz) lvl 50 Fire/kin ( Source Of The Flame) lvl 50 Ta/Arch ( Arrows Of Delight) lvl 50 Earth/Storm troller ( Rocky-Road) lvl 50 Fire/Fire Scrapper ( 3rd Degree') BioHazard Sally lvl 50 fire/rad troller. Electric Mirage lvl 45 E3 blaster



I suspect a lot of them are mothballed. I do see one occasionally (especially on Virtue) but it's not the most popular set, espeically now that Defenders have Traps.