QoL idea: Interchangeable Taunt & Confront animations




I hope this hasn't been suggested before. Like most of my ideas, it probably has been. That aside, here's hoping! ;O

The idea is short and sweet: with the ability to swap entire sets of animations, or alter them for just one power, is there any chance that powerset-based (like primary/secondary, not power pool -- for now!) Taunt powers can be given the option to swap animation styles regardless of powerset? Say you're a Kinetic Melee scrapper and want the Martial Arts animation for Confront, or a Super Strength Brute who wants the Dual Blades taunt just for the heck of it. I'd like to see it be changed so that you can use any Taunt/Confront animation that players want to use!

Of course the biggest hitch I can see is people using this to get out of draw animations for weapons-based taunts, but maybe the root time can be made the same for all aggro powers...?


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