White screen after log in




coh user for well over 3 years recently back after break ... new comp etc was fine untill 3 days ago now when i log in just quits to white screen never had any problems be4 all specs meat min req and downloaded new gfx drivers few weeks ago when started playing again..... so slighty confused..... and no tech head so if ant help in laymens please



Ok, run these two programs and post the results here. They will let us see what graphics capability you have and what your settings are. They will also let us see if there is some other program that may be interfering with CoH.

CoHHelper and Hijackthis

After running Hijackthis you will be given the option to save a log. Save that log then cut and paste everything in it here. When you run COHHelper all the information will be automatically saved to your clipboard so you can just paste it here.

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