Holiday Powers Lost...




Logged in with my lvl 19 Warshade this morning, and first thing I noticed was
my trays were "rearranged".
Went to click on the Jingle-Jet and got the "out of range" message.
Long story short, it appears that the icons on my Holiday Powers have swapped around.
Jingle-Jet is now the Golden Rings hold power.
The Renewal of Light is now the Snowball power (which only hits me, I might add).
The 'true' jingle-jet power seems to have gone away, it should have had at least 20 days or so left.
Thought this may have been a pre-cursor to the return of the big Kehld bug, but all my other powers seem to be ok.
Sent an ingame report... but was wondering if anybody else is seeing oddness with the Holiday powers.
I'm pretty sure there was no patch between last night and this morning, so that makes this even odder.

Checked on my Peacebringer, she seems ok. Also checked on a Brute, he seems ok as well.

another EDIT:
Logging out and back in again with the WS seems to have fixed the "problem"...
Still very odd!


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