Targeting, Visibility, and Pets




This is an apparently 'broken as designed' feature, but as I have been playing my pet types more, the issue has become more and more annoying. Is it possible to fix the mouse target selection so that it won't select targets you can't see?

More specifically, I'm tired of situations where I want to target something right in front of me, but because I have a pet right behind me -- but back just far enough that they're not visible in my field of view -- that the mouse pointer is red, and if I click the mouse, I'll target the pet behind me, not the door or mob in front of me. When this happens, I have to play games with the camera angle to get a view where the pet isn't in a line between the mouse pointer and infinity, so I can target something other than the pet behind me.

Backing the camera distance out sometimes solves this problem, but I've found problems with that on indoor missions when the distance-to-obstruction is shorter than distance-to-camera, and my viewing position will jump in and out as I turn, depending on how close walls and pillars are. Changing the targeting code so that an object outside your field of view due to being too close to the camera isn't targetable would eliminate the problem.

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