Solo'ing LRSF




Hi all first time posting on the forums :-)

Last night i got my Mind / Earth / Ice Domi to Perma Domination and it is amazing......

I joined a team and started the LRSF anyways long story short everyone left when we got to the last mission. I can confuse the Freedom Phalanx for a short can confuse BAB for a while and obviously can perma sleep them.

So my question is, is it possible to solo this? Has anyone been able to solo this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.......



It's actually relatively easy (tho veryyyy time consuming)
Just stealth thru and complete the missions...sleep mobs pick em off...for AVs confuse one,have him kill the other,than kill him

Use insp and temps when needed (envenomed dagger is almost mandatory)

I've done it on my mind/fire twice (170% rech)
To do it I think ud need to be either mind/fire mind/psi or mind/earth

I don't think any of the other sets have enough dps



Mind/Fire and Mind/Psi could both solo the LRSF before APPs. With Sleet, I can't see there being too many problems for any Mind permadom with a good attack chain. Yes, the -Regen in Drain Psyche is going to make /Psi a favourite, but Envenomed Daggers, a good chain, and a whole lot of patience should see you through.