Please help with Tanker.(Shield/Elec.)

GI Justice



I've been playing City of Heroes/Villains, off and on, since 2006. First off, I'd like to say it's the only game I have ever--and would ever consider paying a monthly charge for. I play mainly console games, but apart from them, I invested great amounts of time playing a MUD and handheld RPGs: So the whole medieval fantasy MMORPG scene, complete with swords, magic, and dragons really does nothing for me. Being a ten year veteran of a MUD, I'm no stranger to number crunching and tactics; but I'm really needing some help, here.

GI Justice is my first level 50. I've had countless other characters, but the vast majority of them didn't get out of the thirties, due to poor server selection on my part. When I recently migrated from Victory to Virtue, I was able to accomplish this: So bear in mind, I'm relatively new to the IO scene; and when I do engage at the consignment shop, the prices sicken me. Here's my build.

+ Built with SuckerPunch's Online Planner v5.0
Archetype: Tanker
Primary: Shield Defense
Secondary: Electrical Melee
01: Deflection => EnduranceDiscount(1), EnduranceDiscount(3), Buff_Defense(3), Buff_Defense(5), Res_Damage(5), Res_Damage(7)
01: Charged Brawl => EnduranceDiscount(1), EnduranceDiscount(7), Recharge(9), Recharge(9), Damage(11)
02: Havoc Punch => EnduranceDiscount(2), EnduranceDiscount(17), Recharge(17), Recharge(19), Damage(19)
04: Jacobs Ladder => Efficacy_Adaptor(4), Efficacy_Adaptor(21), Efficacy_Adaptor(21), Efficacy_Adaptor(23), Efficacy_Adaptor(23), Damage(25)
06: True Grit => Heal(6), Heal(25), Heal(27), Res_Damage(27), Res_Damage(29), Res_Damage(29)
08: Active Defense => Recharge(8), Recharge(33)
10: Against All Odds => EnduranceDiscount(10)
12: Battle Agility => EnduranceDiscount(12), EnduranceDiscount(13), Buff_Defense(13), Buff_Defense(15), Buff_Defense(15)
14: Hover => EnduranceDiscount(14), Buff_Defense(33), Buff_Defense(34)
16: Fly => SpeedFlying(16)
18: Thunder Strike => Armageddon(18), EnduranceDiscount(34), Recharge(34), Recharge(36), Damage(36), Damage(36)
20: Phalanx Fighting => Buff_Defense(20), Buff_Defense(37)
22: Kick => Recharge(22)
24: Tough => EnduranceDiscount(24), EnduranceDiscount(37), Res_Damage(37), Res_Damage(40)
26: Shield Charge => EnduranceDiscount(26), Recharge(31), Recharge(31), Damage(31), Damage(33)
28: Weave => EnduranceDiscount(28), EnduranceDiscount(40), Buff_Defense(42), Buff_Defense(42)
30: Combat Jumping => Buff_Defense(30), Buff_Defense(42)
32: Aid Other => Heal(32)
35: One with the Shield => Heal(35), Heal(43), Heal(43), Res_Damage(43), Res_Damage(45), Res_Damage(45)
38: Lightning Rod => EnduranceDiscount(38), Recharge(39), Recharge(39), Damage(39), Damage(40)
41: Aid Self => Recharge(41), Recharge(45), Heal(46), Heal(46)
44: Conserve Power => Recharge(44), Recharge(46), Empty(50)
47: Laser Beam Eyes => Recharge(47), Recharge(48), Damage(48), Damage(48)
49: Physical Perfection => Recovery(49), Recovery(50), Recovery(50)
+ Inherent Powers
01: Brawl => Empty(1)
01: Sprint => Empty(1)
02: Rest => Empty(2)

It should be noted that I slotted Musculature in my Alpha because of poor single target damage; but I'm told all of this can be rectified with certain IO sets. Here are my goals, and feel free to let me know if I'm not being realistic:

-I'd like to be able to solo an Archvillain.
-I'd like to remain a -tank-, per se; but I find I have no use for taunt, due to lightning rod, shield charge, against all odds, and thunderstrike.
-I'd like to maintain a capped Lethal/Smashing resistance, and push on to soft cap Melee/Ranged/and AoE defenses.
-I'd LOVE to get at least 3000 HP without OWTS; and am currently working on Accolades. Only have Freedom Phalanx Reserve/Elusive Mind, so far.
-I'd love to have above average damage, while maintaining a reliable attack chain and minimizing endurance costs.
-It'd be awesome to achieve some level of defense against psionics.

As far as a few things that I can't fathom dropping--my AoE combos. In my years of playing, I've found absolutely nothing more satisfying than activating Against All Odds, Shield Charging into a large group of mobs, triggering lightning rod, and stomping on the nuts of fallen enemies with Thunder strike. For RP reasons, I'd like to keep Hover/Fly; plus, it confers a decent defense to attacks. If possible, I'd like to keep laser beam eyes for utility purposes(pulling enemies to my group, or pulling Tyrant/Trapdoor into lava, bwahaha); plus it puts a nice RP spin on the whole -becoming- an Incarnate thing, with Superman/Statesman like abilities. I recently dropped a few powers for the medicine pool since it came highly recommended for Shield Defense Tankers; but from reading, many people consider having both Charged Brawl and Havoc Punch unnecessary; so I feel I'll drop one for Grant Cover. Any advice regarding build is appreciated. Thanks.



Ammendum: Please note that I omitted some enhancement slots to allow for calculations regarding inherent fitness, considering the site where I listed the build hasn't been updated for it. I currently have two slots for both Health and Stamina, but that's subject to change, pending advice.