Seeker Drones

Adeon Hawkwood



What is the value? Mids shows a -6.65% To Hit, which doesn't seem much...

Also, what are the best sets?




My Mids shows 13.3% as the value for a Defender, enhanced to 19.15 with 6 slotted Cloud Senses. I haven't field tested my actual values.

Even if you think of that number as unimpressive on its own, you also get
1) 26.6% -Dmg debuff
2) a chance for a mag 2 stun
3) -perception
4) alpha eater

Personally I think 1 and 4 are reason enough to take the power. The -ToHit is gravy.

As to what to slot with, as I mentioned above, I went with Cloud Senses because I like the bonuses more than other options available. Slotting with Ranged Damage or Stun isn't really worthwhile since it's low damage and only a chance to stun (low mag at that).

Ok I just used Seekers on an even conning mob (lvl 50) and saw first one debuff of 9.56, then another. So I think the 6.65 is for one seeker. 13.3 is for both. -Dmg debuff stacked as well, I don't get the math, but there were 2 debuffs of -26.6 for a total of -61.18. Yes, this was an even con (Nemesis Jaeger). So that right there is reason enough to justify Seekers, -Dmg is a debuff AVs don't resist (though purple patch does).

Global = Hedgefund (or some derivation thereof)



I slotted 4 bits of Dark Watcher's Despair for the set bonus and an Absolute Amazement: Recharge/Accuracy to bring up the numbers. In general you mainly need recharge and a bit of accuracy. They are pets so they will benefit from Tactics but not Accuracy set bonuses so unless you have a Nerve Alpha boost I'd try to fit in at least 1 SO of Accuracy, they do have a base accuracy of 1.2 but a bit extra is useful.

EDIT: Also they can take the IO Devastation: Chance to Hold proc but my testing showed that it did not appear to work correctly in them. I don't know if it's a case of that particular proc not working or a bug preventing any Ranged Damage sets from working, in either case be careful.



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What is the value? Mids shows a -6.65% To Hit, which doesn't seem much...

Also, what are the best sets?
It's a good mule for 5 slots of Absolute Amazement, one of the cheaper purple sets.

I use seekers mostly for eating alpha strikes, which is nice solo and on unbalanced (or plain bad) teams. On a moderately competent team you won't need them for anything but AVs.



Anyone else notice that procs got screwed up in Seeker Drones a couple of issues back? I used the Cloud Senses: Chance for damage which, when it hit, would get everyone in that explosion giving me a 0.36 probability of a nice initial damage to a spawn. Now they never trigger. Did they remove the proc function from drones? Sent bug reports several times but nothing has changed.