Epic Quasars




Well, I very recently got my Warshade to 50, and I gotta say he has developed into my favorite character to play. I try to follow the MF'in spirit as outlined in Dechs' guide, and so far it's working pretty good for me.

Many of my later levels were gained by running Imperious TF's with teams of 50's primarily doing them for shard drops and merits. As you probably know, the last two missions on that TF have large hordes of enemies that a ripe for Double-Mire'ing off of and then popping a Quasar.

My best one I've had so far was on the "lag hill" before the 5th Column section of the 3rd mission. I dove head first into quite a large group of enemies our tank had rounded up (I'm guessing close to 50 of 'em), fired off Dwarf Mire, dropped out to Sunless Mire, and then squeezed of a Quasar. At the precise moment where the waves of negative energy reach their peak, the game lag-froze for a second in a glorious moment I wish I could have gotten a screenshot of. The damage numbers were also prominently displayed here, showing somewhere in the neighborhood of 950 damage. The game unfroze and bodies littered the ground. Epic. (side note: is 950 good? I was SK'd to 49 at the time...curious how much damage you all do on average)

Another Epic Quasar happened during another ITF last night. Last mission, our team was crossing one of the bridges on the way to Romulus. I ran ahead, hoping to pop Quasar before the Mire from the last group wore off. Jumped in and hit it just in time, and every single enemy went flying off the sides of the bridge in all directions. Didn't even have a single body to recover endurance off of with Stygian Circle. The rest of the team laughed because the enemies literally disappeared as if they disintegrated by the time they caught up with me.

So....any Epic Quasar stories out there?