Tip missions... How do you like to improve them?




After playing villains tips for a few days, I found them confusing, not very clear in objetives and basicly, a pain that usually ends in "Defeat all, clean every square of the map because last objetive in mission never pop up".
Hero tips are way better... But still repetitive.

My suggestions:

Im sick of Polar Shift, Flambeaux, Overdrive and Blast Furnace. Can we have some variety in future tip missions? Also, why they have those awful costumes?
We need something cool looking, specially if we have to save them or defeat them in almost every tip mission.

I hate Shock Treatment and her costume too. Can we get rid of her? lol

Give us more Desdemona and Maelstrom!! They are the best out there, and we barely see them. They deserve they own TF... Wanna see more of them.

More clear objetives.

Check that every mission got the "last mission objetive" option, some of them are really confusing.

Thats all, please post here how do you like to improve tip mission.