So tell me about electric assualt end game?




Header says it all, want to make a Mind dom and was leaning towards Mind/Elec over Mind/Energy or Mind/Ice but I am not sure. So can anyone with experience with electric assualt give me some feedback?

1a. Buildup-this looks and sounds ridiculously good to me in a perma hasten dom, but I hear no one talking about it. Like this kicks embrace of fire to the curb, down the drain hole and out too sea, so what am I missing?

1b. The short duration of aim on my corruptors for the minimal damage increase really annoys me and I have dropped it altogether on several of them with little drop off in damage. So if the damage contributed is not fairly significant then I picture it being a poor trade off for a lack of a third ranged blast that is harder hitting.

2. Will not having a aoe immobilize hinder the build when I start spamming Rain of Fire late game? On my corruptors I kind of depend on them to run rather than shoot back at me, but...

3. Will the 2 ranged electric attacks, lift and mesmerize be enough ranged single target damage? And by enough I want to kill minions in 3 or fewer attacks and lt's in 4 or less.

4. Will the combo terrify+buildup+static discharge+fireball+rain'o'fire destroy spawns and not get me killed?

5. I have never been a big fan of power boost on my other doms, but it looks like it could be incredibly powerful when paired with mind control in particular. Does this overcome the loss of damage from no buildup?

Basically anyone with a highlevel mind/electric assualt dom do you ever regret this secondary and not one of the others?



Electric Assault plays very well, my only complaint in it, I would've preferred a tier 3 ranged attack, rather than VS (and yes I know VS has its fans).