Ultraa Violent:Violence is not the answer??




What’s the Question?
The Origin of Ultraa Violent

It was the beginning of summer, Violet Komura just finished her first year of high school. Violet and her mother, Sonja, were going to spend the afternoon at the Statesman’s Day Festival to celebrate. It was a beautiful day, the temperature was just right, a light breeze was blowing just enough to raise the colorful flags and banners displaying The Statesman's image. Paragon City’s most renowned carnival was performing and it looked as if everyone in town was attending the festivities. Since visiting the carnival was one of her favorite things to do, Violet was so excited she could hardly sit still on the train ride to the park. Her other favorite activity was to spending time with her mother; today she had the rare treat of doing both.

Violet’s mother and father were the city’s most respected and valued crisis negotiators. The both of them lived by the mantra that every situation has a peaceful solution. So far their convictions have been proven correct. Between the both of them, they have successful defused hundreds crisis's ranging from simple kidnapping and ransom negotiations to gang warfare, just name a few. All of them resolved without anyone getting killed or hurt.

Her parents dreamed of Violet following their footsteps and she was being instilled with the same beliefs. Her first lesson took place after she got into a fight in the 3rd grade. Her parents talked her through the events that led up to the physical altercation and pointed out several ways it could have been handled. She has received many other lessons since that day and all ways her mother ended them by saying, “Remember Sweetie, violence is not the answer.” Due to high amount of crime in the city, Violet’s parents were often too busy to do many special things with her which is why she is really cherished the time she got to spend with her mother.

They walked around enjoying the sights and sounds of the festivities, Violet gazed at all the people and thought, “What a great day! I just wish dad was here too. That would make it perfect!” After they had played a few games, her mother bought them some ice cream and they sat on a bench to take a rest. Violet noticed a large mural on the wall across from them that depicted some of the Statement’s greatest victories. As Violet stared at the images on the wall a puzzled look formed on her face.

“Mother can I ask you a question?”

Jokingly she answered, “Sweetie, I believe you just did, but you can ask another if you want.”

“Funny Mom……I’m confused about something. You and Dad always tell me that violence is not the answer to solving conflicts and there's always a nonviolent answer to any problem. You just have look hard enough and you will find it. What I don’t understand is why we come to this festival that’s honoring a man that is known for using violence to solve most of his problems.”

Violet’s mother smiled and lovingly gazed at her daughter with pride. She was happy that her daughter was starting to notice and question the paradoxes that the world presented.

”Sweetie, I know it must be confusing to you. We come to honor the courage, heart and commitment of a man that sacrificed himself doing what he believed was right. He tried to fix the wrongs of the world the only way he knew how. I also come here to remind me that his way was not the only way. I believe that if he had possessed a better ability to see more peaceful solutions, the collateral damage of his actions would not have resulted in so much pain and suffering. I hope that helps some.”

Violent nodded her head in agreement, even-though she still had an itch of doubt that hadn’t been scratched. She wondered to herself, “He always have a choice?”

Her mother could see the uncertainty in her daughter’s eyes and added. ”Violet, I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I know they are not always be easy to find. What I do know is that the answer is always there waiting for someone to find it. Your Dad and I just want you to walk the path of intellect and reason, not brute force and emotion.” She leaned over to kiss Violet on the top of her head and, as with all other lessons, she added, “Remember Sweetie, violence is not the answer.”

“ Mom, I have another question.”

“What is it Sweetie?”

“Do we have time to ride the Ferris wheel again?”

"Of course we can but we have to leave soon. Your father will get home from his trip soon and I want to cook a special welcome home dinner for him."

After a few more rides they headed home. Her mother decided to take a short cut through back allies where the vendors had set up shop. Even-though it was crowded, it would take their thirty minutes off their walk, plus it gave them a chance to buy some special treats for the meal. The sights, sounds and smells were a constant distraction for Violet. Her mother had to keep telling her to keep up. Half-way home Violet caught a scent of something very unpleasant. It reminded her of rotten meat. Just as she was going ask her mother if she knew what the smell was. She heard her mother scream, “Oh my God! No!”

Violet looked around in horror as the street erupted in chaos. Man hole covers and street drains erupted in a mass of walking undead monsters created by the demented Dr. Vahzilok. As they reached the end of alley there were more of the living cadavers climbing up from sewers and pouring out of the nearby access gates. The creatures were grabbing people and dragging them down into sewers. Violet’s mother reached for her hand and ran as fast she could. She thought she saw an opening and headed for safety. They turned the corner and ran head first into the back of an 8 ft Eidolon. This monstrosity was one of Vahzilok’s cruelest and sadistic creations. Along with its razor sharp nails and teeth the thing possessed the power to snatch the life essence from any living creature with just a mere touch.

When Violet saw the creature she knew where the awful stench had came from. The thing could best be described as putrid animated bag of rotten flesh, held together by leather straps, zippers and buckles. The creature turned around, its dark lifeless eyes looked right at Violet and it reached for her. Violet couldn’t move, her feet anchored by sheer terror. Oddly at that moment Violet became aware of a some girl's terrorized scream, the voice seemed familiar. Her mother covered her in an attempt to shield her daughter from its grasp. The creature’s touch caused her mother to spasm in pain, she gasped and collapsed in a heap. As Violet watched her mother lay on the ground she noticed that it looked like her mother had aged 10 years on the spot. Violet could only watch in total shock and disbelief as creature returned its attention to her. Still part of her wondered who was the girl screaming.

Violet didn’t remember being carried into the sewers. She wished didn’t remember anything at all. The carnage was horrendous. The creatures were gorging themselves on recently dismembered body parts or replacing the good parts for worn ones on their own bodies. Others were sadistically torturing the other captives. The only noise she heard was that screaming girl. She was encased in a substance that rooted her in place, as she struggled to escape she heard her mother’s voice. She turned to see her mother trying to negotiate with the soulless creatures. She begged and pleaded with it to stop the killing. As scared as Violet was, it was what she heard in her mother’s voice that terrified her more than the monsters; it was the note of hopelessness.

That’s when the creature that captured them approached. Its mouth was twisted into something resembled a smile and it was staring at Violet. It gurgled something incoherent then Violet felt two cold rancid hands grab her head, holding it still to face her mother. The creature turned his attention to her mother.

Sonja looked into the eyes of this “thing” and she realized that she was going to die. She looked at her daughter with look of complete despair, "Sweetie..I'm sorry. Just close your eyes. Don't watch."

The creature began the torturing by slow leeching the life from her body. The pain was so intense that her mother looked on the verge of passing out but the creature would stop to let her recover and start again. Sonja's screams joined the one Violet already heard. The torturing went on for what seemed like an eternity. The creature made Violet watch every single second, relishing in the look of horror on Violets face. Then, as if it just got bored the game, the creature sneered; savagely gutted her mother and walked away looking for a new toy to play with. When her mother screaming stopped so did the screaming girl Violet had heard. Violet realized that the girl's voice she heard screaming had been her voice. Now she heard nothing but loudness savagely silenced scream.

Violet was still staring at her mother’s lifeless body when she noticed a shadowy figure moving out the corner of her eye. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t seem focus on the apparition. It approached a group of the zombies from behind. She thought she saw three large claws appear from thin air. Then they disappeared in flash of movement. What happened next was astonishing. Within a span of just few seconds the group of six zombies looked like they just fell apart. She saw arms, legs and heads fall to the ground. One of the creatures sounded an alarm just the claws ripped its body in half. Violet lost sight of the shadow and began to doubt what she saw was real.

“Oh God, I’m losing my mind. Please make it stop”

In the next instant the shadow appeared behind her, a hand covered her mouth to stifling her scream. Violet was so startled she almost passed out. The shadow spoke, “Calm yourself child, you’re not going insane. I’m going to free you, but I need you to be very quiet.” He ripped away the material that held her and in a calm confident voice told her, “I need you be quiet as you can and run down that tunnel behind me. You’ll be safe as long as you don’t stop running. The exit only 200 yards away.” Before she could say thank you the rest of the zombies that were alerted began charging towards her. The shadow said, “Run!! Run and don’t look or come back!” Violet took off as fast she could go.

As she ran away she heard a primal roar come from behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to see the shadow materialize into the form of a man. He was tall and powerfully built. What really got her attention were the shimmering black claws protruding from his knuckles. The horde, seeing closer prey, changed direction and attacked her savior. Violet couldn’t stop herself from watching him battle the zombies.

She found a dark hiding place and watched the ensuing fight. She had never seen anyone move like him. He was as agile and graceful as cat but he was also pure unadulterated violence. He moved so fast that shock waves shot from his hands and knocked many of them off their feet. He waded through the battle as if it was choreographed dance. Just when she thought it was over another group of creatures and four more Eidolon appeared from another tunnel.

Violet knew she should escape but she couldn’t bring herself to stop watching. The new group began to circle him, the clawed hero eyed the new threats with a menacing smile. Violet realized he actually enjoyed the danger. He seemed to be gaining strength from it. Suddenly he flashed his claws, let out his war cry and threw himself in to the fray. He was like a out of control buzz saw. The creatures were dropping like rain in thunderstorm and it wasn't long before the only ones left standing were the hero and the four Eidolon.

The creatures attacked with an intesity that matched the hero's. Many times he seemed on brink of falling when his health to miraculously recuperated. This enraged his attackers and they doubled their intensity. That’s when it happened. All four of the zombies stepped back unison and shot dark smoky tendrils from their hands. Taken by surprise, the hero couldn’t evade the new attack. He slashed at the tendrils as they approached him. His claws passed right through them. The tendrils surrounded his body and Violet could see the pain and effort of his struggle in his face. He was started to weaken and the next time he turned she saw that his face had aged.

“NO!!” she screamed.”

One of the monsters let out a sicking wail as it clambered towards Violet felt the icy prickle of utter fear starting to freeze her in place.

“I told you to run away! I can handle them!! Now go away!”

The hero lashed out at the advancing zombie severing its leg at the hip.

The hold that the had come over left and this time Violet did as she was told. She ran so hard she thought her lungs were going to explode. She didn’t stop until she saw daylight. Violet waited for the "Shadow" for over an hour but he never emerged from the tunnel. As much as she wanted to leave, something was telling her that she had to go back.

Violet carefully made her way down the tunnel, making sure she stayed in the shadows. When she finally found the location of the battle, she stopped and searched for any signs of danger. She crouched, looked for any movement and listened for any sounds of danger. She heard something and froze in her tracks, the blood turning to ice in her veins.

“Over here. It’s safe, they’re all gone.” It was voice of hero. Relief warmed her up again.

Violet moved over to where she heard the voice. What she found horrified her. The man that rescued her was a fraction of the man she left in the tunnel. His body looked completely drained; his skin was brittle and translucent.

“Why are you here? I told you to leave.” he asked in a raspy voice.

“I had to see for myself what happened to you. I couldn’t leave without thanking you for saving me.” Violet looked down at the remains of the dead Eidolon and shuttered at the carnage he inflicted.

“Let’s get you out of here. What do I need me to do?” Violet asked as she tried to pull him to his feet.

He screamed out in pain, “Stop! Stop! I can’t move. They’ve busted me up pretty bad.”

That’s when she noticed the large gashes in his torso. “I’ve got to get help! I’ll go back get someone.” Violet started stand up to leave. The hero grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

“What is your name child?"

“Violet...Violet Komura” She answered softly and the asked, “What’s your name?”

“Violet...that's a pretty name. People call me Dark Reaper. You can call me Joshua.” He looked down at his chest and calmly stated, “Violet, I’m too far gone for anyone to save me. I need you to do something for me before it’s too late.”

Violet nodded, tears welling in her eyes, “Yes, I'll....I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Good” he replied as he reached down and removed the gauntlets he wore and gave them to her. “The people I work with will come looking for me soon. I need you to give these to them. They contain source of my power and I can’t risk them getting into the wrong hands. Violet you have to promise me that you will not put them on. The power they contain can kill you if you attempt to use them without training”

"I promise. I will not put them on. How will your friends find me?"

"They'll be drawn to the power of the gauntlets"

Just then they heard sounds coming from somewhere deep in the tunnels. “Violet, you must leave now. Run and don’t ever come back!”

Violet knew she going have leave him to die and she was starting to fall apart; Joshua reached up and wiped tear from her eye. “Violet, if you want to thank me, you can do so by living a life full of purpose. I need you go. Go before they comeback.” As Violet ran to safety she thought about Joshua. She marveled at how he faced his death with courage. She decided she would honor him by living her life with purpose and courage.

Now it is fifteen years later, and that little girl named Violet is no more, the dark soul known as Ultraa Violent has taken her place. Ultraa did almost everything Joshua had made her promise. She faced life with courage. She dedicated her life to just cause. She didn't put the gauntlets on without training but she did not keep the promise not to come back.

The nightmarish memories of that day still came in vivid flashes.

The smell of rotting flesh, the demented laugh, the screaming and then her voice, “Remember Sweetie, Violence is not the answer.”

The tearing, the slashing, the clawing, the bleeding, the screaming and then her voice, “Remember Sweetie, Violence is not the answer.”

The begging, the pleading, the abrupt loudness of a silenced scream and again then her voice, “Remember Sweetie, Violence is not the answer.”

Thinking to herself, “Mother, once again I find myself standing in front of another 8 foot flesh eating Eidolon with dinner on its mind; I still hear your voice telling me to remember that violence is not the answer. I will never forget what these monsters did to you. I will never forget that they made me watch you die and I promise to make sure no one else suffers as you did.”

As Ultraa advanced, stepping over the dozen or so zombies she had just battled, she thought to herself. “Mother, after all the horrible things I've seen people do , I've come to this one truth.....If violence is not the answer, you haven't been asking the right question.” The little girl was screaming again and this time she wasn't scared; she was pissed.