~HWfRV: Flashback Nance/Adair Badge Arcs - Wed, December 22~




A Mr E-Man Production

Heroic Wednesdays for Reformed Villains

Featuring Mr E-Villain

Mission: Twisted Reflections & Looking Through the Glass Story Arcs
Contact: Field Agent Keith Nance & Special Agent Jenni Adair
Location: Talos Island (Flashback through Ouroboros)

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 22 @ 10:30PM Eastern / 7:30PM Pacific

Level Range: 20-29

Combatants: Arachnos, Dopplegangers, Freakshow, 5th Column

Arch-Villain(s)/Hero(es): Your Evil Mirror, Archon Burkholder, Protean

Current Team Roster:

1: Mr E-Villain: SS/Inv Brute *

2: Nova Rush: Rad/Kin Corruptor *
3: Stacy Swan: EM/Reg Stalker *
4: Supreme Soviet: Bots/Traps Mastermind *
5: Queen of Underworld: Fire/Therm Corruptor *
6: Blazing Mist: SS/Fire Brute *
7: D Mon Destroyer: Demon/Pain Mastermind *
8: Myrdinn: TBA


Story Arc Info & Stats:

  • These Story Arcs require a 1-person team to start
  • 7 missions (3 talks) & 5 missions (1 talk)
  • Badge(s): The Fairest & Singular Vision
  • Merit Reward: 5 + 5 = 10
  • I am planning to run HWfRV with Mr E-Villain, but will eventually move over Cold Satisfaction & may switch off to her if needed
  • You do not need to be a Reformed Villain to join
  • Not sure how popular this will be, but if we get enough sign-ups, we will run two teams
  • Please Meet in Ouroboros
A couple of badge arcs this week... Heroic Wednesdays for Reformed Villains continues! Sign-up here or send a global to @Mr E-Man

Paragon Wiki: Twisted Reflection
Paragon Wiki: Looking Through the Glass

* Auto sign-ups

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Just letting you know that I'll be on Paragon's Gluttony (Gravity/Cold Domination Controller) this week. Stacy's still a Villain, and my normal replacement is now a Villain as well. I doubt I can get either of them back to Hero in time for the arcs....



Ok, I'm in.....TBA though, no idea who I'll be on. Since it's in Ouroborus I can't get in on CP yet, he's still a rogue.

Freedom Horde! Join the Ranks!



IF you don't mind me bringing my scrapper along, then I will be there.



Doh, I thought I posted this already.

Due to a prior holiday related commitement, I won't be able to make it to this tonight. Good luck to everyone who is there though!

-Aoide Muse

@Aoide Muse

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Just a reminder...

This is Tonight!

Looks like it will be a single team only, unless we get some late adds.

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