Shadow Meld Makes My Claws/Regen Smile




I finally dusted off my Claws/Regen with the intent of learning the Alpha Slot thing with him. I respecced him into a decent chunk of recharge with high, though not capped, S/L defense. Imagine my dismay when I found that running at anything higher than +1/6 would result in inordinate amounts of face planting, especially when my Ice/Traps DEFENDER routinely runs +2/8.

That's when I decided to head over to Red to pick up the Soul Mastery Patron pool and see what Shadow Meld does for me. All I can say is that one power has changed everything. I've changed my build to focus on +rech and defense and I can have Shadow Meld up in 30 sec. That means between Shadow Meld and MoG I have 45 seconds of god mode against anything but psy-heavy opponents (thanks MoG). If there's anything substantial left after that I hit Instant Healing to keep me up for 15 seconds until Shadow Meld is back. I'm currently running at +1/8 with no issues and am slowly amping it up.

Fridgerato - Traps/Ice (Frdm)
Gadgetron - Grav/TA (Lbrty)

Ice/Kin Guide