Origins from a Roleplaying point of view.




Alright I'm a little torn in which origin to chose for my next character, and was hoping for some fresh perspectives :P

The character is gonna be an Energy/Energy/Force blaster with superspeed.
His background story in short is a antivirus program coming to life, and naturally wants to defend people from... People virus (yes skyraiders and circle of thorns I'm looking at you! :P).

The obvious path might be to chose the technology origin... However something which is created could just as well be under the science origin no?

This thought arose when I read through the tech origin description which explained the origin as someone using tech to emulate powers... However, what if you ARE tech? Now a cyborg would be tec I suppose, a robot yes... But a program which somehow becomes manifest in solid form?

I'd like to hear you guys opinions on this, and why you think like you do.




Here's the question I tend to ask myself if I'm struggling between the Tech/Science/Mutant/Natural Origins:

What do you have to remove from the character to stop them having powers?

Is it a gadget of some kind? Start thinking Tech.
Is it their spontaneously altered DNA? Well, sir, we have probably have a mutant.
Is it something that has been artificially added to their body by an irreversible process? Could be science.
Or is the only way to remove their powers or prevent their powers from ever having manifested to have never had them "born"? I'm probably looking at a Natural toon.

So, for me, the answer to your question is this: Natural or Science.

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I'd go Natural. The powers are all natural to the entity. Natural covers aliens as well as 'skilled humans.' on't forget that Peacebringers are Natural.

Tech is IMO, meant for gadget powered types, battlesuit wearers, etc.

Science is the same as Mutant, except that mutants are born with aberrant abilities, science types get them due to chemical accidents, exposure to weird radiation, being bitten by a radioactive elephant, etc. Note that Nictus/Warshades are Science since they have altered themselves and are no longer natural Kheldians.

(Mutants are different from Natural 'aliens' by virtue of their powers not being common to the base species.)

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I agree with Shadowe and Ravenswing on this one. Its a Natural, because its powers are 'natural' to being what it is, a living antivirus system.

It would only really be a Technology origin really if it had begun as a natural something else (e.g. Human) and had some sort of anti-viral nanites added (the Technology). Yes, Robots are also technology, but even those were 'natural' component parts prior to the application of technology.

Of course, if the anti-virus were created by a science process, then sure, science would work too, especially if it were by accident (The Hulk, Jeckle and Hyde, and The Fly are all classic Science type origins).



Nothing new, just agreeing with the others. Natural or science, and I would probably go natural.



Looking at the original post date, I seem to be a little late to this party, but what the hey. I generally look to the single origin enhancements when I have trouble deciding between two (or more) origins. That is to say, what makes this being stronger? Sure, you still may have multiple possibilities, for example Batman could be tech because he keeps upgrading his gadgets. However, most people can agree that he gets the most benefit from his relentless training, and thus he's natural in origin.

So, do you gain power from upgrading components, the action of chemicals/radiation upon you, or simply practice with your abilities?

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