Invite A Friend To Come Back question :)




Hay all.

Just got back to game myself and a few of my m8 also coming back

But the question is this bit.

You can have a maximum of 4 invites 'live' at any one time. As soon as one of your friends reactivates their account and uses the Reactivation Credit Serial Code, we'll give you another one to send to someone else. If your first batch of four invites is successful with all four friends reactivating their accounts, you'll get 120 days of City of Heroes®/City of Villains® (Europe) game time for free! Recruit more friends to come back for more free game time

I have atm done 3 out of 4 but one of the first Expired.

E-mail Referred On Expires On Status

email ... Dec 17 2010 03:39AM Feb 17 2011 12:00AM Reward Earned

email... 17 2010 08:33AM Feb 17 2011 08:33AM E-mail Sent

email.. May 22 2009 01:18PM Expired Expired

email.. May 24 2009 05:08PM Expired Reward Earned

email .. May 29 2009 09:22PM Expired Reward Eared

So thats

3 Reward Eared.

1 Expired

And 1 E-mail Sent (this code will be used very soon when my m8 gets his account online.

So when he does use the code would i get the 120 days free or have i lost it cause of the expired code that was never used?

Thanks for any help.



Thanks i think i will not get the 4 months even if i have all 4 friends come back to the game as the out of first 4 invites only 3 where used in batch 1.

And i don't think the 5th one will count as that mite come under batch 2

Sucks but oh well lol




I got my 4th invite a friend back added

But as i was still not sure if i would get the extra bonus i sent a ticket to support.

And well they gave me a reply but i don't think they read the question or the the Title at all and gave me a quick reply

The title was (Invite a friend back reward)

They was going on about refer a friend to City of Heroes and thats not same thing and i don't have any refer a friend to the game on my account just invited back ones.

Oh well i guess as its xmas time people wan't to get home on time hehe