The Project for Awesome / Real World Hero 2010 (P4A)




Currently, the Project for Awesome is going on over at
Real World Hero, The City-Of based event is going on also, in fact, here is a link to their P4A video.

And in keeping with the tradition of Reducing World Suck, I submit my video for two very worthy causes.

During the 17 and 18 of December, the creators of The Project for Awesome, John and Hank Green, have pledged one penny towards charity for every comment posted on a P4A video, with a cap of 10,000 dollars. Lets make sure that cap is met, get out there, view, like, and comment. Be sure to stop by and read up on their donation opportunities and make a difference.

(Find a P4A charity that you like? Why not share it here?)

Twitter @FiveIronBrony




And for those not in the know, the RWH vid was made by none other than me!

So do hit YT, search "Project for Awesome 2010" or "P4A", and show your support for charities around the world.


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