Sleep sweetly




[Bare with me, it has been some time since I wrote any stories for characters. Expect more to pop up for this one over time/as she levels.]


In her sleep, she is far away from all the pain. From all the trash and refuse that she lives in. Times are hard for people in the world. Most tried to sell whatever they could to make ends meet. And then there are people like her. That sold off all their things to buy ‘Lull’ so that they could escape the pain of living life. Lull gives her wonderful dreams. Lull makes things alright. Until it wears off. Then life returns and she needs to steal something or sell another part of her dignity off to score just one more hit.


In the Lull, she lives in a perfect world. It is run by an Emperor and cleaned by machines. It is more than perfect. It is heaven. She doesn’t have to do anything if she wants. The water makes her feel good, as good as Lull. So long as you didn’t look too deep, the world is perfect.


In her dreams, she can control the minds of others. Give them headaches that would make them writhe on the ground in pain. Make them sleep deeply enough that she could sneak past them. She can even use such powers to steal some of their stamina for her own. She is powerful and no one can harm her or take away the perfect world she lives in. Until the Lull wore off.


In her nightmare, there is another. A demon like creature that is always bathed in black flames. He taunts her, whispering words of her real life. Reminding her that the dream isn’t real. She knows the Lull should have worn off long ago. But months are passing and the demon keeps laughing at her. She cannot sleep in her dream but her eyes are always closed. She can talk in her dreams but her lips remain unmoving.


In her coma, she is stuck. She does not know what has happen to her body. She is trapped in this once perfect world. Because the demon is slowly melting away the gold and white of the world this Emperor has built around her. Showing her just how dark and dirty it really is. She now knows that this world is like her own but not like her own.


In her slumber, she fights. She fights the demon and fights with him. She works on making people suffer because she suffers. She works on becoming much more powerful than she first started out as. She calls herself Lady Slumber. Because she has forgotten her actual name. And slowly forgetting her other life. The dream is blurring and she is lost down the rabbit hole.