musings on apex tf




So last night we ran a apex tf. Thought I would post some ideas and observations so and get some feedback on the "right" way to beat this thing. Well at least the first couple missions.

Mission 1:

Kingsrow, not too many problems with this. Group fragmentation is an issue. If the team gets too spread out someone is going to bite it.

Moving into the tunnels a couple blasters with snipe are key. Dropping the pylons from afar makes that whole section 3 times easier.

The third section gave us a a bit more trouble the initial waves of clock were overwhelming. Again we started getting spread out and disorganized. Then the warwalkers came. Despite their impresssive appearance they were easier to take down than the waves of clockwork. It's very easy to say "shoot the big one" and everyone can focus on it. The little clocks are a different challenge because they can't be as easily pointed out. The final wave of walkers ended quick, we got stomped. Lack of focus little lack of preparation. Here, have someone pick a target and everyone else target through them that'll keep the focus. The orbital blast is pretty much a none issue. If you see the red ring of death move 8 feet in any direction and you are good to go. I saw a couple of our scrappers shrug this off without second thought it's really not fatal.

Mission 2:

This one is a real challenge. The blades were on top of us the second we were through the helicopter so enter as a team. Work together and they fall down easy enough, there are a lot of them get some insps if you used them up on the walkers.

Down the stairs. Our team had some issues with timing the door. If you've got a man on the ground dead or alive ask permission to go down. If not then take a peak over the edge. The blue cloud of death is gonna do about 500 damage per second and you'll stand in it for about 8 seconds coming out of the door.

Initially BM only drops the blue cloud once at a time. Beat her down to half health and she runs. You'll be ambushed and she'll be dropping 3 blue clouds at a time. Avoiding them is easy, with sprint you can wait till the blue cloud dissipates before running and only take a single tick of damage. I do not reccomend that. Finish your attack and move on. When she respawns she'll only have half health don't waste that opportunity.

For actually killing her, ranged damage will help. Holds do not, they will not stop the blue cloud and they actually serve as a shield against melee. You'll have to move in and out. Again as with the rest of the tf you need to stick together. The closer the blue clouds spawn together the more room you have to move. Keep her moving and out of the cloud and the melee characters can keep the damage up.

We couldn't figure this out so you'll have to take the above with a grain of salt.


The team was made of a thousand scrappers a controller and a blaster. Not the epitome of balance which was more than likely an issue.

So thoughts experiences. I'd like to figure this out so we can give it another more successful whirl.

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