So how is Kinetic as a secondary for Tankers?




The title says it all. During the beta for Going Rogue there seemed to be a general consensus that it was pretty, but mediocre. At the end of beta I think it got tweaked a little but I didn't really pay attention to it.

So have any tankers tried it? What do you think? What are its strong and weak points?

Scrapper Jack (SJ/WP Brute), Sky Commando (WP/SJ Tanker), Curveball (Rad/DP Defender), and a bunch more.



Pick up Hasten, get Power Siphon up as much as possible, work out a solid ST and AoE attack chain, and its awesome.

+dmg to you, -dmg to your target.

The whole set pretty much relies on Power Siphon being up though, which is why the common opinion is that it is mediocre in damage, in the same way that SS without Rage is mediocre in damage.

I personally love my Ice/KM/Soul tanker, due to -dmg synergy and a decent ST and AoE attack chain. During the lower levels and pre-19 (When I didn't have Hasten) I only used Power Siphon for AVs or tough battles, because I didn't have enough recharge in my powers to get to 5 stacks of PS quickly, enough for a Burst/Concentrated and then Repulsing attack.

While now I'm fully slotted, with fast regen, I'm constantly pressing the magic KM button and laying waste to targets.

Its fun, but its not all damage, you have to be aware that the set is balanced around not being an OP new set, and its signature power and debuffs (PS)