An Interesting tale

Doctor Vivian



As some of you may know, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and a full time volunteer minister. I spend my days going door to door in order to share Bible hope with people. I love my chosen career. Though I do not get paid for this, every once in a while an experience will come along that totally makes it worth it. Whether its seeing someone finally understand God is not an uncaring, aloof deity but is one who deeply cares or its helping someone to understand some other encouraging bible truth. Even rarer are moments like the one I am about to tell you. These moments lead one to scratch their heads and wonder, did that just happen?

I was working out in a country area. Its the kind of area where the closest house is a quarter mile away from you. Two friends of mine were up at a house talking to a woman they had met a few weeks ago. The lady invited them in. This left me alone in the car left to entertain myself as I waited. A few minutes went by. I started to stare out into a field behind the house. As I watched I saw a blur or motion go behind the house. I was startled at the size of whatever this thing was. I continued to watch, hoping whatever it was would come back out so I could see it. Nothing happened. I decided to look at the other side of the house in case it would come from that direction.
1 second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds. BAM!
From around the side of this house comes bounding a rather large COW! Its bouncing up and down running around in the front yard of this house. I cant believe it! Some loose cow has happened to come to this particular house at this particular time that I happened to be here. I mean what are the odds of that? lol So I watched it frolic and play in this womans yard for a few minutes til it spotted my car. I am sitting in the front seat. I see it. It sees me and straight out of a movie scene, it lowers its head and charges! Its runnin full out at ME! OMG OMG OH MAN! Finally, at the last second it rears back and shakes it head right before it hits the car. I am stone cold still in my seat. It stands there, head right in the windshield. We lock eyes. I am not gonna move. A few seconds go by. She(as we all know all cows are girls) decides I am boring and turns around and bounces away. I make special mention of the fact that this cow was a girl. I didnt need to know that all cows are girls to know this one was though. The reason for that...

This particular cow was wearing a

PINK SILK SCARF around its neck!!!!



The next time a girl tries to dance with you, take her up on the offer!

It really is insulting to just be stonily stared at like that.

And she had gotten so nicely dressed up and everything!

-- Vivian