Choosing an APP for my Shield/War Mace




I'd like some advice on choosing an APP for my Shield/WM, as she's closing in on the 40's. She's currently got almost-soft-capped defenses, no endurance problems, and moderate damage. She has very little +Recharge, and no global accuracy bonuses.

This is a hero-side only character.

With the above in mind....

Which APP has the best AOE control?

Which will contribute the most to my damage output (especially AOE)?

Focused Accuracy and Physical Perfection: Worth it as compared to getting more attacks/controls/debuffs from the other APPs?



Fire will give you more AoE damage, but I am a fan of Physical Perfection. When you set a character up for high recharge and running toggles to soft-cap defenses, the extra endurance helps. Focused Accuracy is a good place to put Gaussian's 6-slot bonus for the best defense bonus per slot expended for vectored defenses.