Bugged Madame of Mystery mission




I just got the mission where you have to fight the Madame of Mystery in the Madelaine Casey arc.

What a PITA.

First, the map was causing unbelievable lag. This was one of the new warehouse maps, the one with the large room with shelves in the middle of the room. Whenever I faced the direction of that room my system would stutter. This was even when I was 500 yards away from that room with a large number of walls between me and that room. There is something about that room that is causing a problem with my computer.

Then there was the fight against the Madame of Mystery. I kept getting killed, and killed quickly. After a couple of deaths I decided to keep track of the combat rolls and things were definately weird.

I was fighting her with a Dark/Dark defender that has 30% ranged defense due to IO bonuses and defense powers. This is coupled with Dark's to hit debuffs. The Hit Rolls for the Madame of Mysteries were incredibly strange. At one point she would have an 8% chance to hit me (expected) then 10 seconds later with me running the same toggles, unmezzed, and my Dark Servent standing right next to her, she would suddenly have a 95% chance to hit.

Facing an Elite Boss with a 95% chance to hit you tends to make for short fights.

Then there was the behavior of the Psychic Cleaver that you are given to use against her.

I would activate it, and never saw any damage numbers appear. It was like she was completely ignoring the Cleaver. This certainly would explain why I was never able to budge her health during those few fights were I was able to last more than a few seconds. That and an attack power that normally does 60 points damage only doing 22. 60% damage resistance?

Then there was getting hit by Telekenetic Thrust and Will Domination. According to the listing on Paragon Wiki, she doesn't even have those powers.

An Elite Boss with a 95% chance to hit you, with high resistance to your attacks, on a map that turns play into a slideshow. Coupled with the EB being given more attacks.

The developers apparently decided to update this mission and have succeeded in screwing it up completely.

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