On and Off Lag spikes sense 11/7 patch



Ever sense the last patch, I've encountered a strange lag. My game will load and play fine, loading as it always does. Then suddenly slow to a stuttering rate, chat, graphics, everything. Then As quickly as the lag starts, it will simply vanish again at a random interval. My computer is not lagging when it does this, as I can easily browse the net and do other things at the same time. It does it in any zone wether I am loading alot of players or simply standing still.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this?



Run these two programs and post the results here so we can get a better idea what kind of system and possible conflicting programs may be causing the trouble.

CoHHelper and Hijackthis

Oh, and there is one other possibility. Somebody had this exact same problem before. It turned out that they had a program running that automatically changed the wallpaper every few minutes. Every time it made the change the game slowed to almost a standstill.

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