Heroes and Villains Unite in NYC!




ComicsOnline.com is hosting a Halloween masquerade party in New York City called the Nexus Crisis and hopes Heroes and Villains will be represented at the event. The two "masterminds" behind the scenes of this event are long time players of City of Heroes Terrence St. John and Kevin Gaussoin. Both Kevin and Terrence are players on Champion Server better known there as Tanker Titan TL and Controller Trance of Earth.

NC Soft is donating Good Vs. Evil Editions of the game to be awarded for costume prizes and is ensuring each attendee gets a 14 Day Trial code, to use themselves or to give to a friend who can join the fight against Lord Recluse or Statesman depending on their ethical leanings. Every good hero could use a good sidekick and every villain can find a use for a decent lackey.

So if you're in the New York area or willing to travel to the event, keep in mind it is being held at a nightclub in a restricted zone which requires all heroes and villains to have leveled to age 21 before they can come join the party. It might not be Pocket D but it's the next best thing. Information about the party can be found at:


Discounted Tickets can be purchased here:


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