Fans Excited for Issue 11!




City of Heroes and City of Villains players and fans are getting excited for the coming free expansion, Issue 11: A Stitch In Time! Besides rampant speculation and discussion on the Official City of Heroes message forums, we also have a recent fan video and fan comic teaser to report.

First, we have a fan made teaser video for Issue 11, made by Samuraiko who’s done several other great City of Heroes fan videos. Take a look on YouTube.

Next up we have a teaser comic from ChaseArcanum. Take a look at it here. If you like ChaseArcanum’s work, you should take a look at his Comic Guide to Issue 10 and his winning submission to the recent Comic Book Creator Contest.

Issue 11 is still in closed beta testing, but should be in open beta soon, where everyone who wants to preview it will be able to! Keep your eye here on the City of Heroes website for all the details as they occur!

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